Pre-Order Bonuses For Dishonoured Revealed

Those of you who were swayed by the new Dishonoured gameplay trailer that was release today might want to take a look at this and make sure that you're getting the best offer for your money.

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FreshRevenge2426d ago

why can't they provide the same preorder bonuses with all retailers? They end making you buying the ones you don't have! If you really want them.

sonicsidewinder2426d ago

What a way to taint a game.

Cheat Code/Game Advantages should not be pre-order material!

Unbalances the game.

strange19862425d ago

Most in game preorder bonuses turn out to be pretty nonessential. I'm anticipating these will be no different.

sonicsidewinder2425d ago

The thing is, these sort of powers/boosts should be 'worked into' the game.

A part of the games progression. Having them set upon you straight from the off is a cop-out.

Like Human Revolution did.

"Okay Adam, choose your weapon, close range/long range, stun/kill. Ok great. Oh an here's a sniper rifle, shotgun and explosives for no reason. Why not take a shitload of money as well to unbalance the begining of the game."

I don't think it's right.

strange19862425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

@sonic (second comment)

IF you think it unbalances the game, don't use any of the bonuses.