Criterion Collection: Xbox 360 Games You MUST Own


"Fun and entertaining video games are released every day in the video game industry. However, few games are able to rise above being merely entertainment. There are few titles that every true gamer must own. These games truly belong in the Criterion Collection. Here are the titles that belong on every Xbox 360 owner's shelf."

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Grasty4671d ago

A friend of mine asked a GameStop employee what he thought about BioShock. his response was "Its amazing, If you own a Xbox 360 and you do not have BioShock, there is something wrong with you"

Needless to say, my friend now owns Bioshock.

Good list though

cain1414671d ago

I think I own or have played all of these...

ThaGeNeCySt4671d ago

the only games on that list I do not own are Guitar Hero II (though I have III) and The Orange Box (shame on me for not buying that yet)

wageslave4671d ago

I dont have a Guitar Hero title yet, I'll be picking up Rock Band when I see it come down in price a little, I've already got too many unfished games already!

Too many terrific Xbox 360 titles, too little time! As you can see by this list... sheesh.

iNcRiMiNaTi4671d ago

i traded it in the next day for cod4. i hated playing half life because it would load every 5 minutes going to a new area, and team fortress was so damn limited (5 maps and 3 gametypes? and why are the gametypes linked to the maps? wheres the customization?) but after gettin cod4 my problem was solved. the only thing i enjoyed out of orange box was portal, which was actually really good

cain1414671d ago

Portal was amazing... Even if it was only about 3 hours long, it was still worth it...

iNcRiMiNaTi4671d ago

yea portal was awesome. especially the boss battle, and tossing the little cubes into the fire. it was really fun. but like i said, outside of portal, i didnt really like the other 2 games

poos34671d ago

u must have the ps3 version as half-life does not load every 5 mins and is an amazing game

iNcRiMiNaTi4671d ago

no i HAD the 360 version. yes it loads every 5 minutes. the first level alone had like 20 loading screens. get off the train "loading", meet the dude with the security outfit "loading", leave the security room "loading", go outside "loading" meet the people in the apartment area "loading", get to the roof of the apartment "loading"...i dont need to say more

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GodGinrai4671d ago

lol.i own all of these .....07 was a good year for games.

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The story is too old to be commented.