New Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Screen Emerges

Gameinformer - The image below gives you a good idea of what developer Danger Close is accomplishing with the Frostbite 2 engine. The studio also seems have the whole "screaming soldiers shooting guns" theme down...looks like Warfighter is on target to be a military shooter.

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ardivt2330d ago

frostbite 2 again will show us what modern game engines are capable of.

2330d ago
InTheZoneAC2330d ago

no honest gamer liked the last medal of honor, why are they even making another?

just wait 2 months after release like before and it'll be $20 new.

Creative-Enigma2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I liked it. The single player was way better than COD and focus on what military soldiers have to go through. COD it all about the arcade multiplayer. All MOH Warfighter has to do is have a 8 hour amazing campaign, better multiplayer with more modes and maps, and and have a good coop mode that features survival and missions using tier 1 mode as a difficulty.

InTheZoneAC2330d ago

sorry, let me rephrase. No honest gamer enjoyed the MP more than any other "popular" shooter available now.

I'm sure the single player isn't bad, I just hated the online so much I haven't given the single player a chance yet, just collecting dust.

Parasyte2330d ago

Then you are missing out. The single player campaign is probably one of the most underrated to come out in a while.

And, I consider myself an "honest gamer", and I can "honestly" say that I enjoyed the multiplayer quite a bit. Sure it had it's issues, but for me it was right up there with Bad Company 2.

InTheZoneAC2328d ago

bad company 1/2>>>>>>> ;>>>medal of honor.

medal of honor is more like call of duty size maps, with medal of honor look.

Nothing about the MP of medal of honor resembled or came near the same quality of bad company 2.

M-M2330d ago

That's a pretty amazing screenshot.

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