Interview w/ PAIN Senior Producer, Travis Williams.

"VGM had the opportunity to talk to the Senior Producer of PAIN, Travis Williams, to get the scoop on the popular $10 downloadable title on the Playstation Network, and find out what PAIN fans have in store for them. In PAIN, you launch one of several wacky characters with an oversized slingshot with the sole purpose of causing as much destruction to the environment and pain to your character as possible. The physics model created on Havoc powered events ensures a unique experience every time you play, and the interactivity with the environment is extensive."

Interview follows the jump.

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NitrogenB4669d ago

They've been talking about this update for a month now, I hope Hung lo is in it.

AliC4669d ago

Hey, here's an idea lets release this in Europe as well.

NitrogenB4669d ago

They are actually working on that now.