The Humble Indie Bundle V reached $2 Million in a Day

The Humble Indie Bundle V has only been live for a day and it has reached $2,000,000. This is easily becoming one of the biggest bundles in history.

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Snookies122328d ago

I bought it... >_> Lol, you'd have to be crazy not to want that bundle. Either that or have every one of those games already.

Megaton2328d ago

It's a sick bundle. Best one yet, I think. Humble 4 was pretty solid, too, but I don't think it can compare to 5. Too bad I already own all but one of these games.

Zechs342328d ago

I do too but I bought a bundle for my wife's steam account just to help them out. But this, by far, is the best Humble Bundle yet.