Should Xbox 360 Be Thinking 'Blu'?

John and Evan take a look at something Xbox Evolved has pretty much ignored-until now. Xbox Evolved's staff takes two very different looks at the Blu-Ray format and if it would benefit Xbox 360 owners or not.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4669d ago

You =

Me =

Close_Second4668d ago

...make sure that Blu-Ray does provide a real advantage for gaming over the dual layer DVD format. So far they have not. The kinds of things I expect to see is for games like GTAIV or Resident Evil 5 that the environments feature greater detail and variety as more data can be streamed off the disc. Its not good enough to talk about filling up the disc with bonus content or huge audio files to make the difference.

Microsoft have been right so far in saying that DVD9 is a suitable gaming format. Its now up to Sony to show the world why such a sentiment should stay in 2007.

DEADEND4669d ago

That picture is so fkn funny lol.

Maddens Raiders4669d ago

but Gates insists that they won't, so that's it. Of course, 360 owners and potential owners at large will be the ones who decide what they want by opening their mouths and wallets or keeping them closed.

zambrota4669d ago

MS should always support the winning format even if its SONY's

okcomputer4669d ago

I thought the hardcore 360 crowd weren't interesteed in movies. Isn't that what they kept mocking the ps3 for?

ukilnme4669d ago

I am sure they still feel that way. I don't use my 360 or PS3 for movies, not HD movies anyway. It's all about the games.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Ignorant Fanboy4669d ago

And I dont have any BR movies for my PS3, except the free spiderman.

But I do have alot of games.

AngryTypingGuy4669d ago

You're right, the 360 crowd is primarily interested in games. The 360 is the console of choice for hardcore gamers, and the attach rate proves it. However, the more options one has, the better. Not everyone would buy the BluRay add on, just as most 360 owners didn't get the HD-DVD add on, but the option to do so would be nice.

Leathersoup4669d ago

These consoles are about what you get to play games. The reason that HD-DVD didn't do well with the Xbox is because you had to buy the player separately. I'm sure that if an external Blu-Ray player came out for the 360 it would receive a luke warm reception very similar to the HD-DVD player.
You might think that an external Blu-Ray player would sell more than the HD-DVD seeing as it now has the majority of the movie industry behind it but on the flipside it would cost more than the HD-DVD player and as such would be less attractive as a "non-stand-alone" player.

For the PS3, including the player was a master stroke. MS had already released it's console, sans HD movie format, and it was a good way to get the player into the hands of a large percentage of the public. With the Xbox, it's not something the user would be getting for free. That's why the HD-DVD failed to catch on with the 360 user base and could be the reason why HD-DVD failed.

riskibusiness4669d ago

M$ can care less about the format war. As for disk space for games, all they have to do is a firmware update on the current red laser DVD drive to make it HD-VMD compliant. This will provide more space than blueray or HD-DVD for games. The developer can use the HD-VMD disc if it needs the space. So far I have been impressed with the compression tech devs and M$ incorporated into DVD-9 disks.

Equinoxe_74669d ago


Sounds odd, Blu have more space, and you can't use HD-DVD for games, your still dreaming, but Blu have won.

Blitzed4668d ago

Recently a MS executive said he was "doing backflips" when Paramount went HD DVD exclusive. I think MS cared just a little bit...

Play B3yond4668d ago

PS3 is the way to go now that they have the winning format built into the system, watch great lookin movies, play great lookin games, and go on the internet whenever you want for its cheap price(Considering all the things it has) guess MS was wrong when they said they wanted theyre system "To hit everyones living room"(or sumthin like that)...Sony aimed the PS3 at the perfect audience, its great for the family but it has its hardcore games...the 360 is only for hardcore and the wii is for kids.

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