Starhawk Patch 1.02

Early this morning 4am Central Time to be exact Starhawk develepors LightBox Interactive performed worldwide server maintainance and released Patch 1.02 for the game.The patch focuses mainly on resolving the most common issues with the game crashing and a new automatic system to record any network errors players may encounter.There was also many other changes and additions in the patch which are listed below.

Fixes for the prominent crashes and locks
Added automaed network disconnect error-repoerting
Fixed missing sound FX for when missiles are dodged
Fixed XP display for players already at the first-tier level cap 50
Fixed texture paging bug that sometimes caused a blank uplink
Fixed the Sweet-Tooth awesome butcher blade accessory
Fixed the bug that only allowed four players into your homeworld
Fixed the bug that caused the clan leader board to scroll incorrectly
Fixed server list on full games to work properly

LightBox Interactive have also promised a new list this...

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