Entire Original Soundtrack Returns for Jet Set Radio HD (Well, 99.9%)

James Steel writes
"It was a good day when Crazy Taxi returned to our home consoles last year, but there was something missing from it….its entire soundtrack. Gone was The Offspring and Bad Religion, and instead we were faced with a collection of other ‘genre’ music that really no one who bought the game cared for. Since the music was at the core of what made Crazy Taxi so memorable, and worked perfectly to enhance the gameplay, it was indeed a sad sight to behold (or hear to heard?).

Thankfully, SEGA have learnt from their mistakes, and have even gone the extra distance with their confirmation of the Jet Set Radio HD soundtrack. For whatever reason, the original Dreamcast release featured a different soundtrack for each region, so fans were eager to know exactly what would be returning. Well, good news, EVERYTHING!!!

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Yi-Long2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

...can't wait to play this classic again. (IF it has the original voices)

jammy20492329d ago

I wouldn't assume there'd me many issues with the voices like you've seen from other HD remakes. It was more 'catchphrases' and 'quotes' if I remember correctly.

MrMister2328d ago

When is it coming out?!

jammy20492327d ago

No confirmed date yet, though I would be suprised if we didn't hear about it in the next few days