Battlefield 3's Armored Kill DLC to be shown off next week

TVGB: "Next to showing off and releasing Battlefield 3's Close Quarters DLC next week, EA's announced that it'll also be giving the first look at the next multiplayer content, Armored Kill."

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ardivt2329d ago

"It’ll feature some of the largest maps in franchise history as well."
hell yeah!

swishersweets200312329d ago

sounds good, but how well is it going to work out for us ps3 and xbox users. 12 vs 12 on some of the big maps we have already on bf3 feel like a ghost town sometimes.

ardivt2328d ago

yeah I know this problem and because of it I stopped playing the console version of the game. battlefield 3 on pc is such a different experience and I can recommend it to anybody. Even if I have some performance problems on my pc it's still worth it.

Hufandpuf2329d ago

Fantastic, can't wait. But I'm just curious as to why they couldn't mix Huge maps with close Quarters maps in one DLC

wohoo2329d ago

Then they couldn't call it Close Quarters :)

Srsly though, it's probably easier to develop while mainly focusing on one type of play. Just guesswork on my part though.

Maybe easier to market?

Hufandpuf2329d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the case. I'm buying both either way though.

an0nym0us2329d ago

Can't wait to spam my Sniping Shotgun.

execution172329d ago

^_^ yeah I'm buying them, just wonder if they'll ever announce the Dino DLC

finbars752329d ago

Cant wait for monday to come.First its E3 with EA having the dice team come up on stage and showing us armoured kill then theres the patch,then the bf3 premium pack comes out and to top it off close quarters releases.What a great day for BF fans.

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