Teenage Criminals Take Drugs, Drink Alcohol And Play Video Games Before Doing Crime

New Zealand MP Ron Mark wants the police to break up gangs and impose curfews to give the streets back to ordinary New Zealanders. There has been a rise in the force and frequency of violent offending by teenagers in the country. Ron Mark believes these teenagers are thriving on a diet of drugs and alcohol and play on violent video games before they go out and commit crimes.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

games don`t kill people, people kill people.

fenderputty4667d ago

it's the reason this type of argument should never work. If it did then guns cause violence and porn causes rape. It's just complete B$. It's also funny how the media is trying to blow up gaming as a cause to violence when the related incidents are rather sparce. Not to mention the media negates certain other possibilites for causes including f'ed up parents. Or in this situation, NOTHING TO DO! These kids live in New Zealand. Beautiful it may be but, there's nothing to do and as we all know, idle hands are the Devil's playground.

ravinash4667d ago

I grew up in NZ but its been a few years since I was back.
But my childhood was quite good, and I don't remember having any problems finding stuff to do. Plus I also grew up playing games.
Now maybe things have changes over the years since then, but you have to look at when these kids are doing to end up in these situations.
Usually its more to do with the drugs and booze which is why they need the money and in turn why they might go out and commit crimes.
If they put the drinking age back up to 20 or 21, maybe they'll be a few less drunk teenagers falling all over the street.
one thing for sure, if they were at home playing games...then their not on the street.

kaomakk4667d ago

This is just some sensationalist crap from an MP in a party on the verge of utter irrelevance. It's traditional core base is the elderly, I'm sure he thought they may actually agree with this bollocks. Video games and their evil impact on NZ society is a non issue. Hooray for politicians desperate for publicity.

Joey Gladstone4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

"teenagers are thriving on a diet of drugs and alcohol and play on violent video games before they go out and commit crimes."

Well there you go........The answer to all the worlds problems can somehow, someway be blamed on video games I LOVE IT!!!!!!..........
Im going to go rob a store now.....and if i get caught my defense will be that GALAGA made me do it
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Capt CHAOS4667d ago

Nice one, I going to suggest Frogger or Pacman...

cr33ping_death4667d ago

use frogger as an excuse if you get caught j walking.....and pac man for popping pills

Neurotoxin4667d ago

LOL, that logic is retarded.

I Drink, do drug and play video games, but i don`t commit crimes (unless you count the doing drugs part ).....

People can do all these things and still be a decent person. Its down to the Fu*king parents and the P.C Goverment's who should make prison sentence`s Harsh, Kids aren't afraid of going to prison nowadays, so there is no deterrent to stop them from committing crime.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

it`s all about the parents.


i can`t believe i got a disagree for saying "games don`t kill people, people kill people."

you know somebody just hates YOU not what you said when they disagree w/ that.

again, well said.

light it up.


Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

in 5mins,i`m rollin one up, playing a game and NOT perform a act of violence.

conswella4667d ago america. in other places drugs are not a crime but a health issue, becuase you destroy your health. hence, they try to treat you, and with time succeed. In good old america, they throw you in jail, along with all off your absolute potential. All the goood you are capable off gets thrown in jail. Then the finances wasted on criminal facilities instead of on making use of its citizens... god bless america! eh?

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Capt CHAOS4667d ago

oh.. and probably watching the telly.. And films too..

Capt CHAOS4667d ago

Perhaps to do with the 'watch films'??

Maddens Raiders4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

there are dysfunctional teenagers and sexually repressed, insecure adults on this site that feel a sense of empowerment and command by simply clicking the disagree button on people that generally have positive things to say about the PS3 - past or present. Suffice it to say, this sort of thing happens to pro-360 people as well, but since we have a disproportionate amount of PS3 fan clones on this site, I would hypothesize that the former is more the rule.

Looking at your history and large number of ignores you have tells me that you don't fall into the immediate "pro-PS3" category, but surely you have p.o.'d some people / a person in the past. People that disagree for no reason need attention and help, that their mother never gave them.

Hope you liked my explanantion. Now step up phantom disagreer, and disagree. 8D

Maddens Raiders4667d ago

2nd disagree on 4.1.

There are some sick little puppies out there. HA HA, wow.

conswella4667d ago

what else would they be doing, reciting poetry? doing paper mache? practicing yoga? Solving algebra? Waht ELSE would they be doing other than playing viedo games and watching movies? TELL ME? While you're at it tell me who in this day and age doesn't play violent video games, before going to work or school, or anything, including saving the world, planting trees, and treaeting people nice, etc. Go ahead. Video games are Daily routine for so many; if a few of them happen to go out and commit crimes, woopty, especially when they would have done these crimes with or without video games being present.

It is no shock that these teens played any video games before they did anything because that is no different from when i play video games. Thats my main pass-time, when im not working. What are you gonna do, sue me? I'll rip your balls off.

It's like saying, "teens take a crap before commmiting crime." My responce is, "yes, mister news person, thats how the world works. You are learning. See that big bright ball in the sky? thats the sun. sometimes it too is present when people make crimes. Now, here you go, i'll take your leash off for a litle, and you can go and frolic - although being on a leash is proably why you don't understand these simple concepts in the first place, you silly little beaver!"

Although I do agree that these little panzies should be gotten off my streets, if i lived there. Who wants bloody hooligans with family and moral issues running around at night eh? especially when they could be inside playing some damned video games.

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