Nine new Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII scans from V-Jump

New scans of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII from this week's V-Jump issue have surfaced, featuring new images. The third Final Fantasy XIII scan features the "pigtail girl" that was revealed at Jump Festa 2008.

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vloeistof4669d ago

oke now i really wanna see the new trailers

The Killer4669d ago

i hope it will come at least in 2008 fall!

Iamback4669d ago

NO WAY in 2008. I think in early 2009 is realistic

SoulReaper4669d ago

Probably late 2008 or early 2009...

mighty_douche4669d ago

Never been a RPG fan, infact i ahte most of them, but FF has got me excited!

Realistically ingame cant match those GRX can they?

Xeikon4669d ago

Anything about/for/related to Sony gets you aroused.

They could create a new deadlier strain of AIDS and you would still get it, just because it's from Sony.

If Square Enix actualy made business decisions based on something other than Japanese national pride and made this for the 360 you wouldn't care.

And that is just really sad.

mighty_douche4669d ago

you heard it here first.... the douche has spoken.....

still copying me huh? i told you already, you cant have my babies!

Sevir044669d ago

LMAO, way to turn something negative from an imposter to a positive ^^ good stuff ^^ and quite funny... "i told you already, you cant have my babies" BWA HA HA HA HA... LMAO!!!!! Priceless

ravinash4669d ago

Don't worry mighty_douche the first....he obviously can't get excited about anything....he has nothing to get excited about.....poor baby.

poos34669d ago

HAHAHAHAHAH THE think theimposter is the mighty douche and yes he is a twat sony troll but sony trolls u got foolled by the man himself mighty_douche which is the imposter and a good person for this sony site

fopums4669d ago

@guy above me

I wish there was a report button for stupid.


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TheHater4669d ago

hay, I am a 360 owner, and I am offended by that. Oh wait, I also have PS3...never mind. LOL

poos34669d ago

the grapics look very average gears of wars looks better the characters dont have much detail and its cgi screen hahaha imagine how ingame will look bland

destroyah4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

a puss*. don't be pissed that your 360 will never get a JRPG this big. ever. go back to playing last gen DVD9 games on your 360 they all look and sound like crap compared to PS3 games. Mass Effect had texture loading and massive frame rate issues. looks like devs are already maxing out the 360. they couldn't even make Halo 3 HD after they implemented 4 player co-op. 360 can't keep up with PS3 anymore. it's over.

pwnsause4669d ago

poos3, what are you smoking today? are you injecting Heroin into yourself again, takin shrooms, or are you just taking Bong shots? if you are please dont write stuff on this site while you're getting high.

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The story is too old to be commented.