Bad Sexy Vs Good Sexy in Games

Or Why Lollipop Chainsaw and Bayonetta are OK and Hitman Absolution isn’t

CalmDownTom says, "The internet exploded in condemnation, but why? There have been lots of games and games trailer with more lady flesh on display, more violence or more blood. Despite the fact that I think this trailer is only mildly shocking, I think it is distasteful, and I think its as much to do with the execution as the content. Its infantile sure, but I think the main reason its seen as offensive is that it simply doesn’t work."

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Lord_Sloth3099d ago

Jill Valentine=Good Sexy
Lollipop Chainsaw=Bad Sexy

However, sexy is an opinion of the person being asked. This is mine.

saladthieves3099d ago

It's all about the amazing pair of [save files] each one of them has.

That's enough out of me for today!

pixelsword3099d ago

Ah, yes; the "Schwing vs. Boing" debate rages on...

Blastoise3099d ago

Gotta love geek humour :P

Lord_Sloth3099d ago

In the end, yes. It just depends on who you're asking.

MaxXAttaxX3099d ago

Her name is Juliet not "Lollipop Chainsaw".

Also, if you read the article it talks about the male character being a simple support role as a head. Beheaded and practically emasculated.

Ever thought of how the public's reaction would be if they switched roles???

Bimkoblerutso3099d ago

What does it matter? It's not as if Bayonetta or Lollipop Chainsaw are anymore contextually sound than Hitman Absolution. They were designed that way for the sole purpose of inducing nerd boners. If you're okay with one, you should be okay with the other.

soundslike3099d ago

Hello Sir, Comets on Fire are badass.

Good day.

killerhog3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Stop sweating lollipop chainsaw and this nigri chick, im already completely tired of both. Frankly, I hate games that uses women as a selling point, not because it objectifies them, but because its just the developers way of distracting people from flaws or unoriginality. Lollipop chainsaw isn't new as honestly, I think it does nothing better than l4d, dead island, or dead rising etc., so suda is using sex to sell it.

I know my comment might not 100% go wih this article, but im so tired of lollipop chainsaw and Jessica nigri, that I was gonna eventually explode on the next article I see either of those two in.

Saw the hitman trailer loved it. They were female assassins dressed as nuns to either avoid suspicion or to show the impact or emotion of the scene like female assassins of god. Also their main outfits weren't bad it wasn't skanky and stupid like suda lollipop chainsaw outfits.

darthv723099d ago

it is similar to the over use of explicit language or nudity in a movie to cover up for the lack of a compelling story line.

I dont disagree with the use of those but when that is all you got it makes you wonder how some of these projects even got the green light in the first place.

killerhog3099d ago

Good, cause I admit, I wrote my comment fast and didn't gather/express my thoughts duly. lol. I also, agree with your comment, well said.

Grimhammer003099d ago

Everyone is trying to put their finger on why this trailer evokes such emotions of dislike or even praise.

I personally think its our social upbringing and general moral stance on violence against women.
Nothing more.

If you were brought up to truly view women as truly believe that women aren't partially the better sexual half....then you'd see this as simply silly game volience.

I'm betting that they are part of some female crime syndicate who wear those outfits like bikers wear leathers or yakuza wear suits.

But whatever. The trailer was incredibly effective. It's got people talking and puts Hitman in our thoughts.

The devs are laughin!

palaeomerus3099d ago

The only real theory here is it's funny when cult favorite Japanese studios do it because they get the benefit of the doubt. It's not funny when anyone else does it. Shadows of the Damned dick jokes are good yet Bulletstorm dick jokes are TERRIBLE and EMBARRASSING. Why? Because "Yay! Japan is wacky!"

Mutant-Spud3099d ago

Yeah but funny is funny, the "Kill your dick" scene in Bulletstorm wasn't really the same as the "Taste my big boner!" scene in SOTD,....which was a damn sexy game, that scene where he's crawling all over the giant naked image of his wife was something else....*phew*

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