Nintendo Wii lightsaber set for force flop? writes:

"Back in September, a generation of Star Wars fans got the news they'd been dreaming of for 30 years: full on lightsaber-simulation in a video game. Lucas Arts' The Force Unleashed promised the kind of blade-wielding realism that had not been possible until now. But it seems that this is perhaps not quite how things are set to turn out.

Our buddies over at CVG report that instead of using your Wii remote to scythe down Stormtroopers with a saber blade, you'll only have limited control over 'force powers'.

Dreams dashed?"

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CourtesyFlush4667d ago

is the impact of striking objects and clashing steel. Or, for that matter, slicing through soft fleshy things like people or Ewoks. It always looks and feels a bit like flailing to me. It may seem more "realistic" to swing the remote or use it to force push, but to me buttons and rumbling controllers feel more natural.

It's annoying enough that developers feel the need to use the PS3's sixaxis in (often) contrived ways... So I feel for any Wii developer that has to contend with that innovative gimmick.

LJWooly4667d ago

Yeah, I'm not too keen on Sixaxis motion-sensing functions either, although it has been used to great effect in some games (Warhawk, fl0w, and a few others) but completely tacked-on in others (I don't know where to begin).

I feel the same way you do, don't give me a friggin' wand to wave at the screen, or any other 'innovative' gadget, just put a simple gamepad in my hands, and i'm right at home.

I'm on a good mood, so bubbles for you, my good friend :)

TheTwelve4667d ago

Did you think about the reason though? I don't think LucasArts or Nintendo want to be responsible for making a weapon that will be swung about like that in the hands of all the kids who own a Wii. This does suck, but I think that they are looking out for the kids and the various liberal groups that will attack the Wii giving them a weapon.


marinelife94667d ago

High Velocity bowling makes excellent use of the sixaxis motion sensing.

Does the wii just not have the horsepower under the hood for 1:1 gaming. Why can't they give what they know good and well everyone on the planet wants.

JBaby3434667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

For a game focusing on the force I don't see how lightsabres are going to a huge aspect anyway. I can only see this game being worthwhile on PS3 and 360. If they wanted a Wii functionality like this they should make a Wii specific game. I might just consider getting a Wii if they did. I'm more interested in using the force in this game.

Pain4667d ago

How bought some fun games insted not Game Gimiks like mad?

Game Gimik or game .......hmmm money i dont have.

Just do like my cuz did Ducttape a xmass paper role and paint green, instent light saber!

Wicked Sick4667d ago

Prepare for another wave of broken tvs etc as sabers go flying.

wiizy4667d ago

this is bound to sell alot... cause its innovation something new and fresh , just like the wiimote.. but now with microsoft and sony copying and making their own wiimotes ...who knows