Xbox Live Marketplace update: 17/1/08

Some new releases have been released onto the Xbox Live marketplace. Including, themes, game demo's, trailers and videos.

See source for full list of all releases.

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Capt CHAOS4296d ago

It's expect to see 100's on there by now..

dvx uk4296d ago

Yeh same, I would have thought they would have taken more of an advantage of the online rental service.

O well, Fifa street is good though. For a demo anyways :D

BIGBAER4296d ago

Actually, it's a nice addition for soccer fans (poor lost souls...) and I did grab the Nightmare Mansion table for Pinball FX - sweet!

dvx uk4296d ago

Do you get any achievements for that table? I know that the last table added you got an extra achievement to get :)