BagoGames: Interview With Milenko Tunjic Art Director For "Vessel"

This week we talk to Milenko Tunjic from Strangeloop Games about their new game "Vessel".

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jeremybtyler2329d ago

Keep this series coming! Very original and informative.

TheInterview2329d ago

Great interview. I loved talking to him. It's awesome that he worked Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch. I also loved the Destroy All Humans games.

Ajoyshop2329d ago

I used to live for Saturday morning cartoons. Never missed them. I had no idea he was affiliated with Destroy All Humans. I guess you learn something new everyday.

manlypile2329d ago

I'm now looking forward to this game. All those people who say that interviews kill kittens are stupid. These interviews are awesome. Great way to get exposed to games I might not have paid attention to.

pumpkinlord452329d ago

Interesting game, I might have to put it on my list of games to get but I won't hold my breath.

liberator232329d ago

I feel the same as you, looks great but I'm unsure with everything else coming out around winter.