I’ve Been Playing the Bastard Son of Minecraft and Halo

StarForge is quite the thing. Fire it up and you think it's a shooter. Run around and you find there's nothing to shoot. Go to switch weapons and...oh. Oh.

See, StarForge isn't really a shooter. It's a shooting sandbox. You're dropped in a randomly-generated world with not just a gun, but an invisible space shovel that lets you alter the terrain around you. You've also got an invisible space forklift and toolbox, letting you lay down various crates and construction materials, as well as the ability to magically generate turrets and spinning death traps.

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Jackhass2330d ago

Sounds interesting as hell.

Snookies122330d ago

It is interesting as hell, but it is REALLY rough right now in Alpha... The movement is awful at times, sometimes I can't even get my guy to move forward when digging around underground. Though it has extreme promise and I can't wait to see what it turns into.

It's unfortunate the world isn't randomly generated yet either in this Alpha build. Hope to see an update on it soon here!

spicelicka2329d ago

Hold the shit, glitches aside, that looks amazingg!