Foosball 2012: Single-player and Multiplayer Options

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve taken you through the controls and cross-platform features, so this time we’re going to dive into the multiplayer and single-player modes.
Real-world table football is the most fun when you play it with friends, and that’s something we definitely took into account when developing Foosball 2012.

Up to four players can play locally at the same time, whether that’s two for each team or other combinations like 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. AI or 2 vs. 1 and so forth. It’s also possible for some of the players to play with PlayStation Move and others with DualShock 3.

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Studio-YaMi2328d ago

Seems cool enough,I was happy at the last paragraph they showed in the vid : pay once,get both versions..