PS3 Firmware Update v4.20 Spotted

A new PlayStation 3 firmware update has been inadvertently revealed through a new PlayStation accessory.

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ThatMiamiGuy2328d ago

Here's hoping it's something good!

Hopefully they mention some of the changes at E3.

FunAndGun2328d ago

get your munchies ready.

younglj012328d ago

Those must be an awesome headset if they only work with a certain firmware update...

Zechs342328d ago

Or maybe it's a crappy firmware like the one that broke my already good enough official Sony Wireless headset... :(

ginsunuva2328d ago

Every pothead's favorite firmware update!

richard9192328d ago

thats actually a really good catch

ThatMiamiGuy2328d ago

It's too bad not many people will see it since the site suddenly was given 1 star.