New PlayStation Headset Releasing this Fall with PS3 and Vita Support

Here we are just days away from E3 and excitement is in the air. Gamers everywhere are looking forward to the newest games and hardware to be announced at one of the biggest conventions around. Some announcements are made early as not to be overlooked by bigger announcements. Some are leaked earlier than expected and are rumored about until the “official” announcement.

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MAiKU2332d ago

If this is true I would be very happy. I currently have the previous PS3 Wireless stereo headset and I often wished it'd work with my VITA.

JoGam2332d ago

Yeah I have the current model. Looks like I have to pick up this new set.

crxss2331d ago

It's cool that the mic's hidden.

TooTall192331d ago

Just to clarify you will need to use the included audio cable for the vita. I would seriously consider these if I didn't already have a true 5.1 headset.

Ace_Pheonix2331d ago

Oh, I see... So them saying compatible is really kind of false being that it's compatible with everything that has a stereo plug. And that won't be surround, just 2 channels. 2 channels wired isn't really my definition of compatible. Shouldn't Bluetooth be able to support this kind of device? I don't see why they need the USB dongle at all. With that said, it looks like a splendid device and I will be buying one immediately. I really like the current set and this is definitely an improvement over them.

MAiKU2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Yes i had realized this and posted that fact in the duplicate news post. I guess this one made it through and not the other.


It also depends on whether any USB headset is fully functional (mic, chat sound and game sound) on Vita or not. I don't have a Vita so I don't know the answer.

I tried two cheap USB headsets on PS3 before getting my bluetooth (the one that came with Socom Confrontation) and neither worked properly (one only worked for chat and mic and the other was not recognised at all).

I found out a work around using multiple adaptors to plug the headset in both USB and RCA sound (only 2.0 sound though) at the same time, but not exactly a off-the-shelf solution. If you have to do the same with a Vita, this can be a practical solution, even if wired.

Also Turtle Beach, Astro and Tritton use wires in some of their headsets and I don't see most people complaining.

Uncharted2Vet2331d ago

i was thinking the same thing

Hicken2331d ago

If you wanted something comparable by, say, Turtle Beach, you'd have to add another fifty onto that price. So it's not so bad.

FragGen2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Yet people complain that an entire Vita, with Multicore CPU, two touch surfaces, cutting edge display, dual analog controls, WiFi radio, Bluetooth transceiver, etc, costs $250? LOL!

BeastModeYMOB2331d ago

I have the Current set myself and they are the best purchase for my PS3 after MOVE. I will buy these asap.

brettyd2331d ago

Dammit!!! Just pulled the trigger on the current one! I hate technology.

Sorrow242331d ago

I'll take em off your hands :P


Was thinking the same. I had the Warhawk headset (which is a Jabra), but as I broke the earpiece I got the SOCOM Confrontation one.

That I really needed a new one, but I was interested in the new slicker one that seens more confortable that Sony release after and then, when I was about to buy it, they released the 5.1 one! Man, that looks hot, I was literally almost buying it last week and now this happens!

It feels like the hold to buy my first HDTV all over again... Was ok with my old round CRT when I sarted looking at flat CRT with progressive scan, than HD started off... Plasma, LCD, Full HD, LED, 3D... STOP PLEASE! (Not really, the more the merrier!)

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The story is too old to be commented.