E3 Predictions -- The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Microsoft and Nintendo

A humorous set of predictions for Nintendo and Sony at E3...

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AtomicGerbil2333d ago

Didn't expect much but that was pretty funny.

Prince_Dim-Lu2333d ago

our MS insider came on my site and said don't expect anything from them.

he did however say that the final GPU is made by something island card? i forgot the exact name, he started deleting his post in chat after he wrote stuff down to stay safe.... but he also said something about a new controller... a new rumble for it... something about how the new xbox will interact with ALL devices, like iphone, ipad, android phone/pad....

he also said that the console will be 399 at launch, and asked if i liked the original Perfect Dark... because apparently, RARE is making Perfect Dark for a 720 launch game.

ya.. i know my post is hard to believe... but remember this post for when next year comes. this guy has never let us down on my site, and is a great guy. hell, we knew about Kinect before it came out. he also said something about 16 launch games or so.

we shall see.

Prince_Dim-Lu2333d ago

Ha.. and there you have it about the controller being able to be used by ipads and android devices.