5 Most Shocking E3 Moments

Peter Moore's Halo 2 bicep flex, the original PS3 sticker price, and the outlawing of booth babes all knocked us off our feet. Blair Herter rounds up our full list of the most shocking moments in E3 history.

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Jackhass2328d ago

How dare they ban our booth babes!

MagicAccent2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Peh. Gaming doesn't need booth babes.

MAiKU2328d ago

Uhm I would have put the Final Fantasy XIII for 360 reveal on there, that was like the shot heard across the world.

Snookies122326d ago

Don't get why so many disagrees... That blew me away, even if there were mixed reactions it was still HUGE.

MAiKU2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

There are lots of users on here with a short attention spam. They see Final fantasy and 360 together and they go into over butt hurt without fully reading the sentence.

specialguest2326d ago

That was one of the most shocking moments, and N4G along with other sites were at an uproar during that time. Fans in disbelief and 360 fanboys trumping up their huge victory. If you were a Sony fanboy at that time, there was no way to make sense of it or defend against the attacks from the 360 fanboys for losing a major exclusive franchise.

Xof2327d ago

I'd have to vote for E3 2013, which saw announcements for Star Trek Armada 3, Star Wars Empire at War 2, Freespace 3, Civilization VI, Mechwarrior 5, Legacy of Kain: Finale, Ghost Trick 2, and a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII with 85% old footage.

TheFinalEpisode2327d ago

Still no Half-Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 or Last Guardian? :/

Xof2327d ago

You don't remember the infamous Game Day? On April 1st, 2013, Sony and Valve announced a new partnership: Half Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, Last Guardian, Dark Souls, and a half dozen other games were simultaneously released on the PSN and Steam.

It was glorious.

S-E was super-nice, and went ahead and offered moderately-priced HD ports of all their old titles on Steam.

MagicAccent2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Don't forget Modern Warfare 15, that looked great.

enfestid2326d ago

Modern Warfare 15? Don't be silly, that doesn't fit with Activision's release schedule for the franchise.

Clearly we'll be on Modern Warfare 752 by next year.

Sarobi2327d ago

Gabe's appearance at Sony's conference was truly a shocker

rdgneoz32327d ago

Yah, for all his hate of the PS3, seeing him walk out their had the jaws of many drop.

Genghis2326d ago

Glad to see what they chose for #1. Totally shocking.

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