Why PlayStation 4 With 2GB RAM Makes Sense

A PlayStation 4 with 2GB RAM makes sense because:

1. it would respect Sony's upgrade cycle

2. there's no need for more than that

3. memory chips have become much cheaper

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Snookies122423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I'd rather see it with 4-6, but eh... Whatever, most gaming computers these days should have around 8 gigs and we definitely want consoles to catch up.

sinncross2423d ago

20gb is overkill no matter what way you swing it.

I think at MAX, maybe 10gb... even that can been seen to be pushing it.

Either way, i am really interested to see what Sony are doing for the near future at e3.

gaffyh2423d ago

More than anything though, I'd prefer dedicated RAM for certain areas of the console. So you get a dedicated RAM for the OS, and the Gameplay, and on top of that have the standard GDDR ram too. That way all OS features will be pretty much accessible at all times.

ABizzel12423d ago

2gb of ram is fine for the PS4 if it's vram. 2gb vram is common in most high end gpu's nowadays, so that should be more than enough to keep the PS4 competitive for it's 5 - 10 year life cycle. Now as far as system ram goes 2gb should be enough as well, but I'd rather see 4gb just to keep the PS4 future proof. 4gb should allow the console to run all apps seamless.

Less loading is always welcome in my book.

BlmThug2423d ago

10 is pushing it by far. 4-6 is ideal

DeadlyFire2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

They are either going with 2 GB or 4 GB I believe, but I say 6 or 8 would be future proof til the end of the cycle.

2 GB I believe is the bottom line, but I think 4 GB is most likely.

Woah I never looked at that spec sheet. 20 GB RAM in PS4? Sounds like jibberish. BDXL I believe, but other stuff I am very skeptical. Although Zotac is preping a 2 Ghz NVIDIA 680 GPU product. CPUs are multithreaded beyond belief up to 128 threads and beyond.

Still seems like something that was made up. Goes against nearly every rumor that exists as well.

darthv722423d ago

maybe the most would be 8 but realistically it would be better with 4. Even looking at pc's for comparison...the more isnt always the merrier.

Too much ram can have a negative effect on performance as much as too little. There needs to be a balance between the stuff going on in the background while having the proper amount for everything else going on directly.

4gb sounds like a sweet spot for next gen consoles.

himdeel2423d ago

AGodmars290 the PC that makes the our skies blue the clouds puffy and the grass green has 20gigs of RAM. Thought everyone knew that.

slayorofgods2423d ago

I still have 4gb of ram on my pc. I've been wanting to have a reason to make the jump to 8gb, but I haven't found a reason to upgrade yet as the 4GB keeps my pc processes maxed out.

I think the present is still geared towards 4GB of ram with a lot of people waiting for the future with the 8GB's. (excluding professionals like computer programmers of video editors of course).

The question remains as to when games will really take advantage of 8GB's of ram? If soon then console's will need at least 4GB's, if we remain like we are for a while then 2GB's is all that will be needed in a console.

sourav932422d ago

@Godmars290 You can actually get some Alienware ALX desktops with 24 GB of RAM.

TheBrownBandito2422d ago


Follow the white rabbit man.

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iJihaD2423d ago

Hows that memory chips become much cheaper support the fact 2GB makes sense? If any thing it means it'll be much more.

Anyway, People thinks that RAM is only for games, i'd like to see it at least 8G.b. only for one thing, so they can add a lot of things to be running while the game is running.

Cross game chat can't be on PS3 because there's no enough ram left while the game is running!

Hell, with more ram they could make even the Store is accessible while playing a game! (ok we might not NEED this).

But you get the idea! They might think of something in the future, and they wont have enough ram to implement it.

dark-hollow2423d ago

people need to know that a 2GB ram chip does not perform as every 2GB chip.

there is a reason they wont go with like 8 or higher.

and i would gladly eat my hat if sony or ms put a 8GB or higher amount of ram in their next consoles.

sjaakiejj2423d ago

Correct. High amounts of RAM have an adverse effect on performance.

STONEY42423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

There have been multiple tests done on RAM speed, and in gaming the difference is minimal. As in, not even a 1fps difference, minimal. Even stress tests show a similar marginal difference.

High amounts of RAM hinder performance? What? The test below was done with 1600MHz RAM for each category, so the speed is the same.

RAM is also ridiculously cheap now. You can get 8GB for $40.

sjaakiejj2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Stoney, the clock speed is a useless statistic to compare RAM speed with. Memory is slower the larger it gets due to power dissipation, hence why processor cache exists in the first place. This difference is mainly noticeable if your computer is running at peak performance. The chart you provided is useless, considering most of the RAM modules aren't active at the time of playing.

There's a lot of technical detail you can read up on, if you're interested. But long story short, the more memory you use, the slower it gets. Memory Fetches take longer, reducing pipeline throughout and thus processor performance.

Moral of the story: RAM Memory is chosen as the minimal amount the hardware can get away with, which was 512MB for current generation consoles, and will be ~2GB for next generation consoles.

Shikoro2423d ago

Jesus Christ, people will never learn that the RAM used in PCs isn't even close to the ones used in consoles.

That "RAM is dirt cheap nowadays" statement is getting more retarded by the second.

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RaduTyrsina2423d ago

Inmho, 4-6 GB is just too much. I really can't think of what kind of graphics and body physics a game would need to request that much RAM :)

Trenta272423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Do you play PC games? A lot of games need at least 4-6 to even play. Consoles need to be a step ahead of that, seeing as the consoles want a life of 10 years. 8-10GB would be perfect.

RaduTyrsina2423d ago

You're making the basic error everybody does - mixing PC games with PlayStation or Xbox Games.

let's take this one ,for example -

You can see that RECOMMENDED for it is 8GB RAM on PC. Then, how the heck does it work on the 256 + 256 RAM of PS3 ... ?

MariaHelFutura2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

The real question is..... Do you know play PC games?


Edit: Ahhh, you changed it. I liked it better the other way. Spelling mistakes FTW.

SignifiedSix2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

If you were smart, you'd know that the os on a pc requires at least 2-3 gigs of ram. Hence the reason why a pc needs much more ram.

2-4 gigs on a console would be good enough. So yeah, expect one of those two numbers.

Yeah, 12 gigs more because OS' then will be taking 5 gigs of ram. Man, i thought you pc guys were smart. The max we'll get past 4, will most likely be 6. Dont hold your breath on 12gb, or even 10. Thats overkill for a console.

Trenta272423d ago

The lifespan is 10 years. Why don't you see that? At that time, we could all be using 12GB or more! The consoles need to be at least 8-10GB to start out with.

Way to think ahead...

dark-hollow2423d ago

"A lot of games need at least 4-6 to even play"
"at least 4-6 to even play"
"even play"

i can safely assume you never played on a pc before?

JTX1232423d ago

You don't own a gaming rig.

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The Meerkat2423d ago

8 years ago there were no 1080p TV's, ipads, 64gb SD cards, BluRays, superfast broadband, 3D TVs, smartphones.

I'd rather have 6GB, because who knows what the future will bring.

Kur02423d ago

More RAM would allow for more advanced OS updates in the future.

Snookies122423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

The thing is, consoles are meant to last for a good 5-10 year lifespan. You'd want that much for gaming in the future, just to make sure it can handle games 5-10 years from now. With PC you can always constantly upgrade your rigt, but the same can't be said for consoles. Sure console games don't need that much right now, but it's always a good idea to future proof it. That's why I say 4 GB would be good, 6 GB would be ideal.

dontbhatin2423d ago

Radu you dont know what you are talking about. dont try to explain yourself.

And did you really just give us an example on a game that was optimised to use PC's potential? Especially since LA Noire came out almost half a year after it came out on consoles.

Here is a better example:

And the ram being a higher requirement is due to the ram running the operating system as well. You are making the basic error everybody does that doesn't use PC's other than browsing the web.

Kushan2423d ago

I've just realised that you're the author.

According to your little chart:

PS1: 2Mb of RAM
PS2: 32Mb of RAM
PS3: 256Mb of RAM

and then you go on to say...

"The RAM increasement is being done on a 8x basis"

Tell me good sir, how do you go from 2Mb to 32Mb on an 8x basis?

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RaduTyrsina2423d ago

I'm not saying I wouldn't like a 6GB PS4 :)

koehler832423d ago

I'd like to see at least 4GB of very high speed RAM. I don't think that will be the case though. This is one of the reasons why I'm really losing patience with consoles.

RAM is friggin' cheap. Why even consider skimping when it's the biggest bottle neck in the machine?

Bladesfist2422d ago

Speed is not very important in ram (although a bit more important in video ram), Its the capacity that counts.

sourav932422d ago

Once again, the "RAM is friggin' cheap" statement doesn't apply for consoles. Consoles don't use DDR2 or DDR3 like most PCs, they use faster RAM units e.g. XDR. Those sir, are not cheap.

Megaton2423d ago

4gb would be better. 6gb probably isn't necessary. PS2 was running on 32mb of RAM if I remember correctly. Consoles don't eat RAM like PCs.

Greyfoxdbz2423d ago

The PS2 wasn't trying to run PS4 games though. The RAM for the PS3 is quite low, accessing messages in-game is a pain and loading trophies takes forever. This makes sense though because these features weren't present during the release of the PS3. So maybe Sony will think ahead this time and add bigger RAM just in case.

Megaton2423d ago

Yeah, which is why I said it should have 4gb. I'm just saying people calling for 8gb+ are pushing overkill.