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Opening the door, entering Crimson Room DS

Siliconera » Written by: Spencer on January 16th, 2008 @ 11:22 am

Crimson Room on the Nintendo DS is pretty much like Crimson Room on the PC. The solution to the Crimson Room (DS) is slightly different since it's designed to be solved without using the Internet. Instead of a note pad with a web address, you're given a PDA in one of the drawers. You can escape the Crimson Room by tapping on objects with the stylus to inspect them. Tapping drawers opens them, poking on unseen areas may change the fixed camera to reveal a hidden item. Anything you can pick up is automatically added to your inventory when you touch it. The action takes place on the bottom screen, the top screen shows all the items you collected.

Siliconera has more information about Crimson Room and three other similar flash games (Viridian Room, White Chamber and Blue Chamber) from the same developer, Toshimitsu Takagi. You can play all four flash games online for free - in English too! Siliconera has a link to the games.

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