Sony brings backwards compatibility to PlayStation with Gaikai deal

According to sources, the service will offer first-party games and be open to third-party publishers to sell back catalogue to players. The partnership is likely to be announced at E3 next week as part of Sony's conference on Monday.

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Shanks2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

After reading the Digital Foundry face-off again ( ) I really hope it's Gaikai. According to Digital Foundry, Gaikai is less laggy and has more powerful servers running the games at much higher graphical settings.

Jamegohanssj52383d ago

BOOM! I told everyone it would bring BC back.


AgreeFairy2383d ago

Except it doesn't bring it back & you have to play it through some kind of cloud gaming service AFTER you pay for PS+. Not to mention you'll have to stay connected online the whole time.

frelyler2383d ago


But you'll be able to play the games, so how is that not allowing you to play the games as your comment suggests?

gaffyh2383d ago

I agree with frelyler, people who are that bothered about BC can pay for the PS+ subscription, it's not THAT expensive.

ronin4life2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

This isn't really BC. This is more like VC...
And if you have to be connected to play it and STREAM it, it's not yours. It's like cable.
I wonder if there will be Commercials...

I also like how the article says "Brings BC to PlayStation", as if it were never there....^_^;

Darrius Cole2383d ago

If I already owned a stack of PS2 games, this won't allow me to play the games that I OWN.

This looks like part of the software industries growing push to rent software to us instead of selling it to us.

darthv722383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

The idea of streaming games was rife with criticism but now that sony offers it its cool...?

edit @dante...its the perception of things. I dont mind the idea of clod gaming. I think it is the direction gaming is headed. It essentially is digital distribution like MS has been saying would happen (among other companies).

But my thing is when it is done by a company people dont really know that much about nor can they really get behind. It tends to skew the perception of the idea in general. So now lets remove brand x and insert brand y and voila...its the greatest idea ever.

There were smart phones before iphone just as there were mp3 players before the ipod. Why apple as the company that got the attention and made what was old, new again?

Marketing...pure and simple. They found a way to grab consumer attention. (IMO) their products arent the best but they sure do have a way of marketing them to be cool and hip. Something the likes of other companies that tried to do the same thing sorely lacked.

Ask someone if they know about onlive (for example) and cloud gaming and they may/may not know who they are. Ask the same person about sony and sure enough pretty much anyone knows them.

The right name backing an idea can do wonders to the perception of the product/service.

Dante1122383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Great, can't wait for this. I always wanted to play Killzone.

@ darth

It was praised when it was rumored that Microsoft would most likely buy Onlive or Gaikai before Sony in the past. But I see now that Sony made the buy, it's not good to some enthusiasts here anymore.

darthv722383d ago

meant to say cloud (obviously. In the end, it really is more about who can market it better than who did it first.

AMD can proclaim they hit the 1GHz speed first but its Intel that has ruled the cpu market.

The Slanket can be seen as the first to market the blanket with sleeves but it was the snuggie that made it a household product.

Sony can be first to patent the waggle idea but it was nintendo that made it cool to play for millions of non-gamers.

the list goes on...and on...and on.

gaffyh2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

@darth - You're coming across as a little butthurt, no offense.

darthv722383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

yeah...I will agree. it does seem that way.

To me, all the positive spin being applied to this is a bit hypocritical. Then again, this is n4g.

If someone was going to back the idea of cloud gaming then they would likely have backed it from the beginning.

I really like the idea. I am just wondering if people are being honest with themselves when they say this is a good thing or are they saying it because it is being done by sony?

It shouldnt matter but something compels me to be curious about the situation.

Diver2383d ago

more crybabies than the tristate nursery. an its amazing how some of the biggest Screamers are Xbox fans

Montrealien2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

n4g is so cute. Now cloud gaming is cool and paying for a service you think is worth while is also ok, and 60$ a year is not that expensive rofl. If I had a dime for every flip flopping hypocrite on this site, I would be a rich man indeed.

/on topic

This is a cool service imho, can't wait for next week to get all the details. I am loving my launch 60gb PS3 atm though.

game on

xursz2383d ago

I like how complainers have to reply to the first comment to get noticed..

Just saying. I'll hold judgement until we get official word and feature list from Sony.

Gamer19822383d ago

Its still no BC for those without net connected to their ps3 is it? Silly loop hold when we know they can give real BC they just refuse to as they want to charge for it and unlike MS who are the true genius at exploiting us for cash, cannot find a great way of doing so.

pixelsword2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Yeah; I'll probably get another Ps2 before paying to play.

I guess that's why the SOCOM servers are going down: so they can go through these guys.

MaxXAttaxX2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Yet Nintendo never took anywhere near as much heat as Sony does for the same things.

**sigh** double standards -_-

MaxXAttaxX2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

There is no clear confirmation of any of this yet. But CLOUD is a pretty good thing for demos and game trials and for older games from previous generations like the PS3 if the PS4 won't be supporting the CELl processor everyone b*tched about.
New games can still be purchased the classic way.

The problem is when cloud gaming/streaming is the ONLY option. And I think you know why.

People are so quick to jump on Sony and the fans.

Montrealien2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

No one is arguying that fanboys have double standards Nathan, proof is in the pudding uh I mean, the n4g frontpage comments sections. And I sure as hell don't think it will be the only standard but it is one heck of an option and many people with broadband will have access to it.

Montrealien2383d ago

No one is arguying that fanboys have double standard Nathan, proof is in the pudding uh I mean, the n4g frontpage comments sections.

sikbeta2383d ago

PS1 and PS2 BC are a given because it's basically streaming 480P interacitve video like youtube with the difference that you're playing the game, now for PS3 games, tech needs to be better for that and it'll be in a couple of years, the idea is nice and this is the innevitable future, I don't like it, I prefer my physical copies over streaming games any day of the week, but this is the next big pushed feature and there is no escape

SilentNegotiator2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

"so now cloud gaming is a good thing?
The idea of streaming games was rife with criticism but now that sony offers it its cool...? "

Oh stop it. The discussion of streaming before was for modern games, not about streaming games that could run on a modern cell phone. Still, it isn't ideal (input lag will still be an issue), but we're talking about something a lot more realistic for servers than all of the idiotic rumors and over-hype for modern games streaming.

You trolls are always trying to make-up double standards of "PSTREE FANBOIS"

tiffac0082383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )


I'm not sure where your getting this fanboy basis because looking at most of the comments in this thread, clearly the community is not considering this a good alternative to BC.

So try not to hold judgement on the entire community base on a small portion of comments.

zgoldenlionz2383d ago

I bought a ps2 with 2 controllers a component cable memory card and an un expected copy of dance dance revolution for 13 bucks at a yard sale few weeks back. Not too sure how it relates to the topic but yay for me backwards compatability!!!

BattleAxe2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I think this kind of partnership would be cool, but I would prefer for Sony to just continue to make HD updates of older games like they did with God of War 1 & 2. I'm not into subscription services, so I probably won't use GaiKai. I paid for my first ever LIVE subscription a couple months ago, and I've been kicking myself ever since, but at least I can say that I gave the 360 a try.

Legion2383d ago

Sorry to burst bubbles of everyone (even the author) but this is not backwards compatibility. You will not be able to play your already owned PS2 games. You will be able to BUY them to play online. Backwards compatibility is the ability to play your PS2 game disks on the PS3.

Being able to purchase the game again digitally and play it on a cloud service is not the same.

Great that people have the chance to play previous game titles but for those having to pay again for the ability to play it on their PS3 are not gaining anything.

When you can continue to put your older PS2 titles into your machine and play the game then we can say it is backwards compatible. Until then the original PS3 system owners are still the only real winners.

_-EDMIX-_2383d ago

I love how idiots keep making it seem as if, there doing it to force you to buy your old games back. LMFAO! Favorite idiot comments. "great now i have to buy my whole libaryy back. DAMN! SONY!"

Wait....? Wheres your PS2? Why do you HAVE to buy the PSN or the HD version? Why is it you can't just buy a PS2 and play the very game you claim to own? The PS2 used i'm 100% will cost LESS then the PSN version of just 1 game and less then the HD version.

PS3 60 gigs still exsist. People need to relax. I feel sorry for anyone who really didn't play PS2 games because of this....but OWNED THEM! LMFAO! So you owned a whole bunch of games....sold the system you owned it on, and now its Sony's fault? Too funny. I own a 60gig PS3 and i STILL OWN 2 PS2s! If you love PS2 games (i very much am still playing a bunch of games still) and you heard PS3 had no BC...why sell your PS2? On top of that, PS3 didn't "take away BC" it was just not a feature on future systems. If you own a 60gig launch still very much can play PS2 games. (not what its cracked up to be, you guys act likes its the HOLY GRAIL of gaming, heres a hint, it sold 170 million units....wheres yours? LOL!

Legion2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

@_-EDMIX-_ "On top of that, PS3 didn't "take away BC" it was just not a feature on future systems." Actually you are misinformed. The PS3 system DID have BC... but Sony DID take it away with future hardware versions. (not future system)

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stage882383d ago

Might want to have a read of this.

At the moment I have no idea who it will be.

Shanks2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

If Sony buys out Gaikai this would be irrelevant.
Skype is still on Vita even though Microsoft bought them.

himdeel2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Skype on Vita sucks and works when it wants to :/ But it'd be even nicer if they bundle this service into PS+ being online to play sucks too but it's all about paying for a service nowadays...wait its always been about paying.

MaxXAttaxX2383d ago

Skype on Vita works 100% of the time for me and I haven't heard any complaints from anyone I know.

_-EDMIX-_2383d ago

this just in....Windows OS on a Sony Vaio....must be some sort of ...sorcery. LMFAO! old news. Both the companies share tech. Its not a school yard fight fan boys. LOL .

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hesido2383d ago

However, onlive supported 60fps while gaikai was 30fps, if I remember correctly.

DA_SHREDDER2383d ago

but it doesn't mean Sony can't make games run at 60 fps, or even play it in 3D

NYC_Gamer2383d ago


You must haven't heard that Nvidia has built a new gpu for Gaikai service

ginsunuva2383d ago

Nvidia Geforce Grid will be implemented into Gaikai soon

hesido2382d ago

No, I haven't heard the NVidia deal indeed.

I do not understand the disagreers tho, I was referring to the article as Shanks hoped it was Gaikai because of the DF verdict.

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HebrewHammer2383d ago

I hope trophies can be obtained through the service. I don't know why, but I feel like it'll be touch and go.

fei-hung2383d ago

For people like myself who have a 60mb Fibre Optic connection this is awesome, especially since I am already a PS+ sucscriber. Wonder how this will work out for those who do not have such great broadband speeds.

Either way, more options in my logic is better than no options or less options or no options.

Looking ahead, I wonder how this will affect MS and Online and whether this would spark off conversations between Online and MS.

Also wonder whether through GAIKAI, PS3 will be able to stream next gen quality games without the need to upgrading to a new console.

Also, if you can stream through the PS3, wonder if you can then roll out the service on the VITA. Wonder how trophies will work through Gaikai.

A lot of wondering to do until Monday. Monday cannot come soon enough.

f7897902383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

For people like me with a 3MB/s connection, this is irrelevant. US internet prices suck ass. :(

Mr_Bun2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )


I doubt US pricing is worse than Canadian....I just got upgraded to 30Mb/s bundle which only includes 125GB/month for 80$...and if I go over, I pay a buck/GB over.

Eu2383d ago


for what you're currently paying, I wouldnt even get your 30MB/s here in Brazil(conversion rates and all that).....

Mr_Bun2383d ago


Really?? I know people in the US who are paying something like 30-40 dollars for the same speed but unlimited bandwidth. I assumed it was just us Canadians getting raped!

ronin4life2383d ago

I don't know what my mbps is exactly,(I thinks it's half of yours) but we have a 15 gb until the provider starts slowing us down. For the same price ($80 american dollars. Not sure which currency you are taling about...^_^)
That's the best deal we get out here in the sticks...@[email protected]

Moncole2383d ago

I have unlimited bandwidth and I usually download speed is 1.4mb /s and I never get lag. So you don't have to worry.

fei-hung2383d ago

Im in the UK. I pay £60 a month and I get:

1) telephone line with free weekend calls between Virgin and Virgin.

2) all the channels minus SKY Sports.

3) TiVo box and extra box (3in total)

4) 60mb fibre optic broadband

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aquamala2383d ago

Is it really BC if you have to rebuy these games? You still can't play the ps1 and ps2 games you already own

titans99992383d ago

I totally agree with you aquamala...If Sony thinks I am going to pay for the same games again...think again...and regardless of what people here are saying....NO THIS IS NOT only counts as BC if you can play your ps1 and ps2 DISCS on the same console like the first PS3 60 gig that came out.....NUFF SAID!!!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2383d ago

Gonna spew out my same ole response to that. My VHS tapes work fine in a VHS player, cassette tapes work fine in a Walkman. If I want to enjoy that media I purchased years ago I either use the player it was made for or I upgrade to the new shit.

Wtf do you people buy a new console for to play nothing but old games. When it first came out and didn't have games I can understand but you chose not to support the console that offered BC, then you were happy with your old system.

Guess I will go back to playing Oregon trail on my brand new Alienware gaming system listening to my cassette tapes thru a Bose radio adapter after I send a text message using morse code. :(

andibandit2383d ago


You can argue all day what you think people should do, but aquamala & titans9999 are right, it' still not BC.

Spitfire_Riggz2383d ago

This is probably the big upgrade they were saying PS plus is getting

kevnb2383d ago

I can appreciate many people dont really like these sorts of streaming services, but dont act like you own any game. You dont own anything but the disk itself. But I get it, you want to decide when you can play it and not have it streamed from somewhere else. You dont want someone to just turn your games off because they arent popular enough anymore.

Oh_Yeah2383d ago

glad my xbox can play ps1, n64, snes, nes, genesis, gameboy advance and xbox 1 games. jtag ftw or use pc for even better BC of all previous systems

syanara2383d ago

The Way I see it, if it's too expensive to bring BC to the PS4 this is ideally the best alternative that I have seen. People can complain all they want but to bring players the option to use GaiKai for BC rather than just not have anything is a big plus for me. All I want to know are the specifics!

ChronoJoe2383d ago


Rather play the originals on PS2 than play inferior versions with input lag on Gaikai. Waste of Sony's money imo. Cloud services are something to invest in, definitely, but cloud gaming isn't there right now and offering cloud services as replacement to local playability really isn't acceptable.

t0mmyb0y2383d ago

I tried Gaikai tonight. They don't have a whole lot of PC games to play. Some said I don't have enough bandwidth (Windows games) but the ones I tried worked decent enough. They are going to need a lot more work if they want to have a whole catalog of PS1 and PS2 games.

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koehler832383d ago

Selling a back catalog is not backward compatibility.

Your PS2 discs still won't work.

DragonKnight2383d ago

Why would you keep your ps2 discs and not your ps2? The games play best on the console they were designed for anyway.

creatchee2383d ago

Sometimes they run better on newer hardware. One of my favorite games on PSX, "One", had a lot less lag during the major explosions/hectic events on PS2 via BC.

NarooN2383d ago

A lot of PS1 games actually ran *better* on the PS2 via BC. The PS2 could also make use of "texture smoothing" which blended pixels together to create much more natural-looking smoother textures, which made a lot of pixelated jaggy 3D games look way better.

I can only assume that logical people followed this train of thought and kept their PS2 discs back when the PS3 got announced, since no one at the time thought that PS2 BC would be removed from the system suddenly like it was.

ronin4life2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

You can sell old consoles for money. With BC, you can sell "outdated" consoles and still play your games. Thus, Selling your console and keeping your discs.
I don't do that, but some people do.

Hicken2383d ago

PS2s break, like all things do. Granted, I have two of them and can get more, but they're old systems now. I'd like to be able to play all my Playstation games on the same system, too.

kevnb2383d ago

because playstations break eventually. They arent made to last 20- 30 years.