E3 Insider – Civilization V, Metro Last Light & More For OnLive + Big Sony PlayStation 4 News

Behind the locked doors of the Los Angeles Convention Center are curtains, ready to be drawn, revealing some of gaming’s most anticipated secrets. Every year the rumor mill operates in overdrive as we get rush closer to the opening of E3. As for OnLive, this year is especially no exception with mutterings swirling about a possible Sony buyout.
A very close source to OnLiveFans has already confirmed several E3 announcements and dug up other interesting clues.
Here’s what we can confirm: Games!

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Shanks2331d ago

"As for the Sony booth, another source has said Sony plans to bring out the big guns and announce the Playstation 4. Many other gaming sites have squashed such talk, but from our understanding, we can be very confident that the next Playstation will be unveiled."

Not gonna happen.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2331d ago

If I where To run my own site and say, such things like these are going to be unveiled, I wouldn't Risk it because you run the risk of crashing your site down to the floor by saying you where almost 100% sure of it. I think Sites have to concentrate on the more Realistic stuff so that there sites recognition grows and doesn't crumble. Idk, just my opinion..

DeadlyFire2331d ago

umm...there is plenty of evidence of a reveal coming. you will see soon enough. its gonna be a big bang kind of reaction

Lazyeye792330d ago

Only a few more days. This is going to be a very exciting E3.