New Gears of War Being Worked On By People Can Fly

FanCensus says: "Epic Games president Mike Capps, has also revealed the developers who are involved via his Twitter account writing ”Do I detect People Can Fly involvement? YES YES YES!” in response to a question aimed at Bulletstorm creative director Adrian Chmielarz. Chmielarz then replied with “I detect Epic PR team’s heart attack," before said message was deleted."

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Emilio_Estevez2330d ago

That's kind of funny, they were def avoiding the question yesterday.

OmegaSlayer2330d ago

Does anyone else think this will go multiplatform?

dirthurts2330d ago

I'm hoping, at least for a PC release.
I really don't see it ever hitting a Sony platform though.

TreMillz2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

its possible, i mean PPLCF did do bulletstorm which was a multiplat, plus wasnt Epics contract 3 games, so its possible. After all, GI said it was coming to the 360, never said said it was an exclusive, cuz im pretty sure if it was GI would of mentioned it like theyve done numerous times before

OmegaSlayer2330d ago

From a third party standpoint I keep saying that ignoring a 60 million userbase is not smart.
Yeah, I don't have problems with MGS5 going multi for example.
Double sales means better games.

SonyStyled2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

i dont think so. if it does it would be much to my surprise but i think its highly unlikely. cliffy b even said geow wont grace the ps3. never said anything about ps4, but just ps3. weirder things have happened in the industry though. the possibility is entirely there with epic owning the ip and all

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DarkSymbiote2330d ago

I really hope they are just lending a hand and not doing anything major. I can understand the original team wanting a break from the franchise but don't go around milking it.

Lucretia2330d ago

once a company gives off its creation to another company it means its just made to be milked, its a cash cow.

we know the quality won't be the same, we know its just not going to be good.

or the new company could blow us away since they are a different team.

heres to hoping its good!

cstyle2330d ago

Dude, PCF is partly owned by Epic. Its not like they won't be overseeing the game.

jimbobwahey2330d ago

Well I doubt the Gears franchise could get any worse? After they launched Gears 2 with unplayable online for about 6 months and then Gears 3 rolls around with the godawful retro lancer and sawn-off shotgun, how could the series get any worse? The only way to go at this point is up. Maybe a new developer can give everyone the Gears of War game they've been wanting without being constantly let down by Epic's stupidity.

Kran2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )


Uncharted is made to be milked now?

(Uncharted: Golden Abyss = Bend Studio)


Yep. In a way I knew you'd defend yourself that way. "only happens with portable versions"

Lucretia2330d ago


to be honest that always happens with Portable versions.

not console versions.

and to be honest golden abyss has no where near the same charm as a naughty dog uncharted, just how god of war on psp wasnt as good as other god of wars, and same with little big planet, LBP for psp felt like a bunch of user made levels.

each dev has a certain charm when they make their game. its what makes that game theirs.

golden abyss was ok, def not as good as the other games though.

my comment really was geared towards Console versions though

dark-hollow2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

ninja gaiden original trilogy on the nes, handed down to itagaki and his team and NG1&2 were one of the greatest H&S games.
metroid series on nes, snes, handed down to retro studios and they made a masterpiece with the prime trilogy.

just because its moving to a different staff doesnt mean it will be any less quality.
sure there are some games handed to new developers and bombed so hard, but we have to wait and see how this will turn out.

Hicken2330d ago

You can say "I knew it," but isn't Lucretia right? Don't most handheld versions of console games- especially the ones with bigger names- wind up in the hands of a different developer than the original?

ALLWRONG2330d ago

Lucretia So you're admitting that Ratchet, Resistance, SOCOM, GoW and UC are milked?

That's big of you

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mananimal2329d ago

Well sorry to break it to ya, but theyll be handling the development fully, with Epic providing support. But it WILL BE a "People can Fly" developed game, which spells OUTSOURCED, lol. I can see the GOW gamer Rage & disappointment already when this pooper finally releases, lmao. You all know what this spells for this game, lol, but Im sure some of you will attempt to STAY POSITIVE & put on a brave face while offering a spin on this the likes of which FOX NEWS would be proud of, LOL. Man this is to funny i must say, shows you how Epic REALLY feels about the CORE Gow fanbase at this point, "People can Fly ???" really???? uh yeah ok, LOL.

tompoulo2330d ago

I can't wait to see the game they are working on. I am certain it will be amazing, as all the other Gears of War games, but i guess this means no Bulletstorm 2 :( I just loved Bulletstorm... too bad it didn't sell that well.

Kingdom Come2330d ago

Bulletstorm was a commercial failure, it was confirmed to have not made a profit, therefor there won't be any sequels unfortunately...

Laxman2330d ago

Homefront didnt make a profit, but THQ knew they had struck gold with the concept and story, so they still went and gave it a sequel. Here's hoping with the branding power of Crytek, people will actually give it a chance.

Trenta272330d ago

No. Homefront was all THQ had. It takes time and money to make a game. They just took with what they had and are hoping for the best with Homefront 2.

palaeomerus2330d ago

"No. Homefront was all THQ had. It takes time and money to make a game. They just took with what they had and are hoping for the best with Homefront 2."

Yeah, except for Saints Row, the GW 40K license, UFC, WWF, Darksiders, Red Faction(dead but not forgotten), Company of Heroes, Metro 20XX...

Kingdom Come2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Being someone who's been an obsessive of the franchise since the release date of the original, I really hope they're just contributing with providing fresh, innovative ideas in to the title, and not the rumoured trilogy they where claimed to be heading the development of. I doubt Epic would make unintelligent moves with what has become their leading franchise, but due to it being my favourite, I am holding seriously strong apprehensions regarding this announcement... Let's hope Epics leading, they're the ones with the dedication to the Gears community, they're the ones who know what we want, don't make the mistake of outsourcing the franchise to your smaller company...

But the obsessive inside me still can't freakin' wait for Mondays unveiling...

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