What Can Make or Break Borderlands 2

Okay, so let me start off by saying I have spent more hours playing the first Borderlands than I’m comfortable talking about. My one friend and I spent an entire semester at school on Borderlands; playing, replaying, bringing in more friends and then replaying again with different classes. In fact I think Borderlands is what tied us together as a group. Now with Borderlands 2 fast approaching I wanted to take the time to discuss the new features that can either make or break Borderlands 2.

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MetalGearMetroid2332d ago

Borderlands needs dodge rolls.

Also Guns that don't just shoot bullets in the standard pistol, smg, rifle, sniper format. And deeper skill trees.

Burackus2332d ago

I cant wait for this game, borderlands is easily one on my fav games of all time, im still play it

HBK6192332d ago

'After the incredible battle that led to a pretty cool final boss fight'

'Pretty cool final boss fight'?! It was a big vagina looking monster that didn't move. How was that cool?! That was one of the big let downs to the whole ending! That the boss fight was so damn terrible!!!