Sony At E3 2012: Has Every PS3 And PS Vita Exclusive Been Revealed?

"Sony is set to reveal over 20 new games for PlayStation platforms at E3 next week, but such is the trend of revealing them all pre-show.

In fact, with so many Sony games already revealed or rumoured, we probably know all of the games it will be showing for PS3 and PS Vita.

Sony's press event is set to start at 6PM local LA time, or 2AM BST, but here are the games we expect to see..."

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Akuma-2329d ago

This is Sony so they always have unannounced exclusives waiting to be revealed.

andibandit2329d ago

This is Sony, and they have a habit of revealing alot more than necessary right before E3

GribbleGrunger2329d ago

Vita price drop, PS3 slimmer + price drop, Cloud integration (allowing PS3 games to be playable on the Vita. singleplayer gameplay of GOWA, TLOU gameplay demo and a handful of unannounced exclusives (such as Infamous 3) is my guess. and to close the show, a video of Cages new masterpiece

DigitalRaptor2329d ago

I think Quantic Dream's new announcement would close the show very well, but imagine if they finally give us that one game we've been asking about for years... The Last Guardian - a brand new trailer and final release date... BOOM! that would be truly amazing close to the show.

fermcr2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Don't expect any big surprise. The biggest exclusives have probably been revealed and might show something that a few people might be interested. They will most likely show gameplay from their biggest exclusives.

They would surprise me if they show a new console.

LaChance2329d ago

"This is Sony so they always have unannounced exclusives waiting to be revealed"

Thats not true, last year they revealed everything before E3, no suprises at the conferance. A bit like what they're doing this year.

RandomDude6552329d ago

Twisted Metal was a surprise......

TCG_Returns2329d ago

Don't mind lachance.He's always bitter this time of the year, the time when Sony shows how much of a difference having 20 first party devs makes.

Disccordia2329d ago

Sony have 14 first party studios:

Microsoft however DO have 20. Fun fact of the day.

Spin out how you want (most are new, kinect games, etc.) but Microsoft are expanding hugely in this area with a big focus on next gen whilst Sony have gone the other way in the last twelve months.

I do not want to start a who is best argument because clearly MS still have a lot to prove but I always feel the need to fix this common misconception that Sony own loads of studios and MS only have five!

TCG_Returns2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

You're aware both the links go to Sony, right? lol

Anyways, if we get technical here, since you seem to take my little guesstimate joke at lachance so seriously, Sony actually have 30+ if you count 2nd party that develope exclusively for them.

And by MS having "loads of studios" does it actually count as a "studio" if it's just 5-10 guys making some shitty $10 DL game? Just curious..

Disccordia2329d ago

Okay, sorry here's the link for Microsoft Game Studios

If we're getting 'technical' then second party doesn't count because... it's not first party? You can't suddenly change the rules. Besides, MS also have just as big a list of second/third party partners.

Obviously, only on N4G can I state a fact but probably get marked for trolling because I say something positive about the Xbox but you said Sony had 20 first party studios and I've proved you're wrong. Like I said, spin as you please but it won't change the facts.

xursz2329d ago

You came to a Sony article to talk about Xbox. Why?

srcBFMVBMTH2328d ago


"And by MS having "loads of studios" does it actually count as a "studio" if it's just 5-10 guys making some shitty $10 DL game? Just curious"

Loooool, that's so true! It would help if those 20 studious you know? Actually made games for 360. Instead they're working on shitty Kinect games that nobody wants and crappy mobile games.

TCG_Returns2328d ago

*sigh* You just couldn't let my joke to lachance go could you? here you are, beating your chest and prancing about like some great know it all.

FTR: Sony currently have 18 first party
(the real link you happened to not post)

They had 20 as of last year, but they closed zipper/bigbig studios.

And how can you even consider THIS first party devs?

Microsoft Studios - Family – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Flight – Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Studios - Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - LEAP – Untitled Project
Microsoft Studios - Mobile Gaming – ilomilo
Microsoft Studios - Playful Learning – Untitled Project
Platform Next Studios – Untitled Project

Half of them aren't confirmed and the other half are making phone games or hardware apps lol.

And you're saying *I* spin shit? You're spinning shit into gold with that list

BitbyDeath2328d ago


You forgot to add on the extra 25 second party Sony devs as well. You shouldn't leave them out since they all still produce 100% exclusive games.

So in total that makes it 39 Sony vs 20 MS

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Persistantthug2329d ago


Book it.

house2329d ago

as much as i would love that i highly doubt it.. but i would gladly eat my words if it happens

lugia 40002329d ago

Yes we know Resistance was awesome and Sony is always awesome. No need say that again.

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Akuma-2329d ago ShowReplies(1)
skyward2329d ago

Including the rumours I can't think of much else they'd have to show - apart from a sequel to something. Or this streaming thing. Then again I didn't expect another Gears of War this soon...

brew2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Soul Sacrifice
Sound Shapes
Gravity Rush
Killzone Vita
LBP Karting Vita (leaked)
The Unfinished Swan
Papa & Yo
Dancestar Party Hits

SandWitch2329d ago

I think they have couple of surprises for E3

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