'Scrabulous' debate may rewrite the rules of the game

Scrabulous is the creation of two brothers in India, Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, who founded in 2006. When Facebook launched its developer platform in May, the Agarwallas soon transformed their Scrabble spin-off into an application designed for the social network, and it caught on like wildfire. More than 2 million Facebook members are active Scrabulous users, and several hundred thousand of them play the game each day.

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Hapimeses4664d ago

Yeah, hello, my name's Andy, and I play Scrabulous on Facebook...

Kinda funny this, as my circle of friends have long thought the game was doomed from the outset, using other people's IP as it does. That said, it has opened by Scrabble to the masses again, and has done a great deal of good work for its IP owners for free (well, almost for free -- they do in-game advertising; but that's beside the point).

A happy medium, where the two sides came together, would be my preferred option, but I'm not sure that will happen.