Play With Naked Gun’s Big Bust On The iPhone

GamingLives writes "Of all the things that we would ever have expected to see made into a game, Naked Gun certainly wasn’t one of them. But now that we think about it… why not? There are plenty of stuffy detective games out there, taking themselves too seriously, so why not bring some humour to proceedings? Well, DNA Interactive, in collaboration with Bad Neighbours, obviously came to that conclusion too, and have decided that there is no one better to spruce up the stale crime genre than Frank Drebin. Or rather, Frank Drebin Jr."

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Snookies122330d ago

Noooooo, why can't this come to something other than phones as well?

I love the Naked Gun series/movies...

Krugsy2330d ago

Wow, this is a blast from the past. I loved these films. Even liked the pre-criminalised OJ Simpson in them. Good memories.

mistajeff2330d ago

I loved them when I was little, and it's funny when I go back and watch them now, because there are so many jokes that went straight over my head as a kid.

Krugsy2329d ago

Totally! I watched a few months ago, and those movies are pretty bloody crude, but still funny as hell.