PS4: Why Sony’s Venture Into Streaming Gaming Gives Us A True Glimpse Of Next-Gen

Sony is rumoured to have bought a major streaming service - sources suggest either GaiKai or OnLive - which could pave the way for PS4's future. NowGamer explores what Sony's alleged purchase means, as well as its shift from PSN to SEN.

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skyward2333d ago

Streaming games don't work well enough. Please don't make this the norm for next-gen.

DaThreats2332d ago

They do. Play from Gaikai or Onlive now.
Works well!

forcefullpower2333d ago

There is great potential in doing this. The streaming does work for me as i use it for demos on GaiKai.

Since this type of service requires virtually no processing power they could incorporate it as standard into all Sony TV's. Even Samsung smart TV's if Sony aren't stupid and lock it down to there own models.

Imagine not having to ever buy a console again but get to play all the latest PC games at the highest resolution. Or they also have it included in there next console. This means we would never miss out on games that don't get a console version due to studio not being large enough.

milohighclub2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

And all the latest playstation exclusives....;p

This will be great! all they need to do is stream in hd cos onlive how it stands, in sd is not good enough. Only thing is, this could mean its the last gen for Sony as all they need to do is upgrade the onlive system and servers to accommodate next next gen graphics. They could even do this in middle of next gen which would then destroy the nextbox's graphics and constantly be on par with pcs

milohighclub2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Sony could make quite a bit of cash off this.
If they supply it to all the big tv n bluray manufacturers, it's already on phones, pc and mac Plus the stand alone box that onlive already has. Fill it with every ps and multiplat release. Upgrade output support for 1080 3d with further support to come for 8k 3d when needed. You could even watch films and listen to music from SEN directly through the app. All with one monthly subscription fee of say 29.99 or summet.
Eliminated the cost of buying new consoles people Would def go for this...

Plus the big thing is it would be on vita as well, meaning every game that's released will be playable directly through vita! :D laughing.

Would be cool if they could get some kinda temp download system implemented so if you have to go out and your in the middle of a game on ps4, you could pause and click download to vita, phone etc so you can carry on on the go without an Internet connection.

forcefullpower2332d ago

I heard Nvidia are doing something with GaiKai regarding something called Nvidia Grid. Need to look into it tho as i just heard rumours about it.

Maybe increase the video quality. strange i tested onlive with gaikai and gaikia one hands down on video quality but didnt do as well on FPS tho. which i though was odd.

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2332d ago
DivineAssault 2332d ago

Imagine server issues & internet outages & maintenance whenever u wanna play a new game u payed for.. I will NEVER support this.. I like OWNING my games & not being forced into a contract just to play them.. Sure its cool as an option but not forced

milohighclub2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

What of you could temp download games to your hard drive I case of situations like you said? By the way it isn't a contract it's a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time....

DivineAssault 2332d ago

would be better but its still not owning what you pay for.. Im not paying a monthly bill just to play whats mine.. Even if its a full download into the HDD i still wont do it.. I trade my games from time to time so i wouldnt be interested in this.

milohighclub2332d ago

Cool, that's you prerogative. I just see it as pay for one game a month but get to play them all...I'd still buy the games that I really want to own, just think this service would be genius if applied correctly.

DivineAssault 2332d ago

You fail to see that its a monthly bill AND you have to pay for the games you want too.. So u pay for the service then pay for a game you want to own or rent.. I researched onlive about a year ago & when i saw u have to pay just for access i said "NO THANKS"

milohighclub2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I haven't failed to see anything, I'm totally aware of what I'd be paying and it's still worth it. Imagine being able to play as many psone games, ps2 games, psp games, Ps3 games, ps4 games, psvita games, all multiplats, watch unlimited movies and tv shows plus unlimited music for one monthly subscription on any device. That means ps4 games on vita!!! How can this be bad for a gamer??

Also the amount I currently pay a month is greater that the amount I would be paying fr monthly subscription + what ever game I want to physically own.
It also allows you to try before you buy...

Also I have onlive and you don't have to pay just for access just for the content you want to buy. After you play all the free demos.

Also on onlive you can buy full passes for individual game I've just check and batman arkham city is 9.99 for a full pass which means no subscription fees and u can play it as much as you like for 9.99......

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MurDocINC2332d ago

Streaming takes bandwidth, most ISPs now put Small caps and charge arm/leg if you go over. Also most of the top ISPs offer other services like TV and phone. Which new devices steal share with apps like hulu, netflix and Skype.
This could mean war where u limited your use or folk up.

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