E3 2012: The wicked whispers and buzzing rumours

CVG has heard some truly eye-popping rumours about what will be revealed next week at E3...

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ThrazN72419d ago

Nintendo will blow us away sony will be second and microsoft will rely on 3rd party games

MoveTheGlow2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Well, that was last year, for sure.

This year's hopes:

-I hope Microsoft can put together a press conference that isn't trying to convince Time Magazine that their new console is for the little chitlin's, because that is getting old for this old bean.

-I hope Sony can get off their high hardware horse and focus on cheaper, more multitudinous, less first-person-shootery, innovative games. I got a PS3 to experience stuff like Everyday Shooter, Demon's Souls, and Metal Gear. Let's stop Killzoning so much.

-Nintendo does not need to tell gamers that they're going to have some second-rate shooter also on the Wii U. They need something revolutionary in terms of content, not just hardware. I really, really, really hope that something shakes up this "Big Three" we've had ingrained in our heads since the PS2/GC/Xbox days. Maybe a big alliance. If only CVG's more batcrap-insane rumor about a Valve/Nintendo alliance were both true and awesomely-executed...