EA Canada developing new AAA 'action shooter' IP

EA Canada is developing a "action-packed story-driven console experience within an exciting new and unannounced franchise", a new job listing has revealed.

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AngelicIceDiamond2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

"Action-Packed Story-Driven"

Sounds similar to Uncharted or the upcoming Tomb Raider. Story Driven Action is usually a 3 person experience.

E3 Team Xbox.

firefoxprime2332d ago

Blast it! I wanted Mirror's Edge 2...

DivineAssault 2332d ago

YAY! Another shooter!! **sigh**

vortis2332d ago

It's not that it's "another shooter". I'm actually excited for games like Arma 3 and Borderlands 2.

I think it's the fact that it's probably going to be another boring, mainstream, casual-shooter that we've been receiving so much of over the past few years...another Syndicate-Bodycount-CoD-wannab e game just in third-person.

And then when the game tanks because core gamers are fed up with the BS...all the "industry is dying" rants will come a knockin.

DivineAssault 2332d ago

Borderlands rocks! but this gen is seriously over flooded with shooters.. Bio shock & borderlands @ least keep things fresh with innovative gameplay & nice graphical distinction.
To me, COD games are ps2 games in HD with few gameplay tweaks & different titles.. That doesnt warrant $60 purchase.. Maybe if they released them less frequently & built a new engine, i would respect them a bit more.. Dont get me wrong, COD is a great series but i think its been done to death & another shouldnt be released til nx gen with SUPER BAD ASS GRAPHICS while maintaining 60fps

metsgaming2332d ago

please dont be and FPS, how about a change and have it be a TPS !?!?!?! Unfortunately 90% chance its an fps sigh

Rashonality2332d ago

an action adventure would've been better, but i'm okay with a shooter as long as it's innovative.

CanadianTurtle2332d ago

Hopefully they don't pull a "Bodycount" on us. This shooter needs to innovate at the very least in order for it to be catgorized as AAA.