Freaky Friday - Doom 3: BFG, Hitman: Absolution and WWE 13 |

Check out the latest trailers in XTgamer's Freaky Friday weekly traier show. This time you can take a sneak peak into newly announced games such as Doom 3: BFG Edition, WWE 13 and WizOrb on PS minis, aswell as new footage to the stealth-action blockbuster Hitman: Absolution and the open-world thriller Sleeping Dogs. PC fans will be looking forward to new DLC for Magicka and Crusader Kings II.

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rmedtx2355d ago

I can wait to get mine for PS3. I've been waiting for this for a very long time. ;P

rmedtx2355d ago

Yeah, I knew it was going to be ported to PS3 eventually. I'm a big Doom fan. I played the original Doom when it was released... yeah.. I'm that old.

XTgamer2354d ago

Ah ok youre talking about Doom. :D