Sequel Speculation:- Mass Effect 4 – Beyond the Citadel speculates on the possible direction of the Mass Effect series now that Commander Shepard's story is over.

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mightyles2330d ago

I would like to see some optional co-op action worked into the story mode.

Godmars2902330d ago

My ME4 speculation is that all this time they planned to use ME3's DLC to set the basis for it. That they sacrificed any kind meaningful ending for ME3 - when they really didn't need to.

Mythicninja2330d ago

They took what was supposed to be the ending to mass effect 3 and expanded it into the next game -my speculation

Megaton2329d ago

Mass Relay building sim.

V1ncent1Zer02328d ago

At the moment one sees no future going forward past the concluding events in ME3, nor backwards to events prior to ME1, so why not sideways to depict events taking place within the two years that Shepard is out of the picture. Utilize the ME1 game save to reflect the state of the galaxy and humanity's role therein. The player takes the role of someone who perhaps is not alliance military
Whatever the plot, existing, surviving characters may be encountered, be it Garrus in full archangel mode for example, or have dealings with Liara etc.
But the player gets more narrative latitude to explore the galaxy we have come to love and a parallel mystery that may tie back to ME3 directly or stand apart.