STN: How the internet should have reacted to the controversial Hitman trailer


The internet has been filled with anger, anger and more anger ever since the world was exposed to the Hitman: Absolution E3 trailer and a few scantily clad nuns with guns on Wednesday. Every since the video went live, websites, bloggers and social networkers have been quick to attack the trailer, Square Enix and the game, but have they reacted in the correct way?

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Captain Tuttle2333d ago

Scantily clad nuns?

Guess I'll have to watch this thing

Captain Tuttle2333d ago

Good trailer, high quality. The only thing that was a little silly was that the assassin's were wearing rubber suits and fishnet stockings. Other than that it was pretty cool.

Nerdmaster2333d ago

It's an awesome trailer. It's sad that we're in an age where everyone gets offended by everything. In a couple of years all violent games will have only white male characters. Because god forbid fictional violence involving women, black people, hispanics and gingers.

And then people will raise their torches and pitch forks shouting that including only white male characters is also racism and whatnot.

DeadlyFire2333d ago

I have not seen any offensive things in the trailer.

Assassin's are trying to kill you. So you kill then. Case closed. I say You, but I mean the main character which you control in the game. So...


ok... what was wrong with it again?

so if he had done all that to the usual middle eastern generic terrorists, nobody would have batted an eye..

Are the women dressed that much different to any of the other women in any other video game, usually the character you play.

Violence against women.. how about violence against cops, against men, against the average street thug trying to scrap a living?

It's just a game, thats all it is.. really

mananimal2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I totally disagree with this writers assesment . Words are Power, & the right kinds of word is like a KEY to a lock & opens the door to affect the MIND of the person hearing the words. Peoples anger over what they are disagreeing with is very effective at taking away sells from this game, not adding to them. If enough disgust & venom is spewed, it will affect sells in a NEGATIVE WAY. Humans as fans & consumers have alot of influence over what another consumer may come to think about a product, most people DONT WANT TO STAND OUT OF THE CROWD, but would much rather go along with, & not AGAINST THERE OWN CONSCIENCE. This article is an attempt to try & convince consumers & fans that there ANGER DOESNT MATTER, that its hopless cause people dont care, PEOPLE ARE CONTROLLED BY WHAT THEY BELIEVE, & if enough consumers say "hey this bs, this is wrong", & other fans or consumers hear it, they take personal inventory on if it really is wrong to them also. All consumers & fans can relate to GETTING SCREWED OVER OR OVERTLY BEING OFFENDED BY BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT TYPES, THAT IS A FACT!! So expressing ones disgust with something is VERY AFFECTIVE at INFLUENCING OTHERS, not the other way around. The article says consumers should take there complaints to the makers & publishers of the game instead of voicing it to there consumer/fan brethen. I say thats RIDICULOUS, since the ones OFFENDING the consumer have done it for that very reason, to offend them. SO THEY COULD NOT CARE LESS, until sales are affected & their game has been relegated to a "SHAMEFUL MOCKERY" , something NOT WORTH SPENDING YOUR $$$ ON. And thats EXACTLY THE KIND OF POWER THE CONSUMER REALLY HAS. In the current ECONOMIC CLIMATE we live in right now, it DOESNT SERVE a game like HITMAN well, to become overtly OFFENSIVE & be mired in CONTROVERSY, it only helps ensure that this game ends up being $20 bucks on that much more QUICKER imo, & most of the sells of the game end up being "USED GAME SELLS NOT NEW, as people decide its not worth their $60bucks. Like I said, when push comes to shove, humans,fans,consumers are MORE LIKELY TO FOLLOW THEIR CONSCIENCE once their BRETHEN HAVE LOUDLY REMINDED THEM OF WHAT THAT IS, The POWER of WORDS, is MIGHTER THAN the SWORD.

InTheLab2333d ago

The gunplay was the only issue I had. We've seen way more freaky s*** in a Hitman game. Remember Meat King and the Opium den?

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