How To Ruin This Year's E3 In Four Easy Steps

GP: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner, and websites all over the world are gearing up for the stream of news that will be coming in from the show floor. Honestly, it's a fun time of the year for gamers everywhere looking to see big new reveals and for those hoping to gather information on things in development.

But there are a lot of things that can go wrong at a show as big as E3. People have their hopes up for big new reveals. They want exciting information to come out. And the fact is, they just might not get it. But what could possibly ruin E3 this year though? I think I have a pretty good idea. Read on to find out."

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ronin4life2333d ago

The topic pics with the captions were funny. ^o^
I can actually see all of this happening. o.o; Except the 4th thing: I live on the east coast(9am is 12pm over here. Haha....^_^;), and will be devoting my time to e3.