Speedball 2: Tournament - WorthPlaying Review

WorthPlaying reviews in the unusual style of a letter to the game. It begins:

"Dear Speedball 2,

We had some fun back in the early '90s, didn't we? You, me and an Atari ST. I was a gamer, even back then, and you … well, you were the most amusingly violent sports game there's ever been, with the possible exception of Mutant League Hockey. We spent a lot of time together - two teams of nine men matched up against each other, with a host of power-ups, and no rules when it came to injuries. You even awarded points for injuring members of the opposing team!

Why, everyone had a favorite method of playing with you. Some would rack up a huge multiplier and then go for the goal at the end of a match, while others would head straight for the Electro-Ball and fry the goalkeeper, sending the ball bowling into it in the same shot. Me, I always favored outright violence, beating down every single player along the way to the goal. But then, somehow, lots of other games came along, and you kind of faded into the background, until we eventually drifted apart entirely."

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