Skyrim DLC visual and PS3 hostility

Inentertainment: We’ve been waiting for what seems like an age for the upcoming Skyrim DLC so it was finally nice to get a visual treat, and while some gamers are happy it’s obvious that there is some hostility from PS3 users. The reason why is because the Xbox 360 has yet another timed exclusive with Dawnguard just like they do with new Call of Duty content, and it’s now starting to try the patience of PlayStation users

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Hellsvacancy2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I dont mind waiting, ive already spent 200+ hours on Skyrim this year already, ill wait for the GOTY edition next year

Gettin ready to go see Prometheus

danswayuk2427d ago

The extra month is not a big problem, although it is not good for gamers as a whole.

StraightPath2427d ago

you want to go and tweet the

" gettin ready to go see prometheus "

part? like anyone cares what your getting ready to do.

KwietStorm2427d ago

You want to attack the guy like what you said is any more relevant. And what are you talking about 'tweet'

RedDead2427d ago

I spent 40 hours...then I deleted the content, poured kerosene on my hard drive, and burnt it to dust

joab7772426d ago

I learned my lesson with fallout 3. Always buy bethesda rpgs for xbox. Most of my time is spent on ps3 until recently with skyrim, ME3, & the witcher 2. But soon its back to ps3. The only downside is if it pushes into fall. Gamers would love to have this at the beginning of July and August.

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thedizzle232427d ago

i own a ps3 i dont mind every platform needs their exclusives i am a genuine fan of the industry so it does me right to see moves such as this.

Skate-AK2427d ago

I think they need exclusive games not exclusive content.

IIC0mPLeXII2427d ago

Ill trade all the timed DLC on 360 for Bethesda to work out all the bugs on there. Timed DLC < Amazing exclusives.

nihonlight2427d ago

Not mad about DLC. I'm pissed that THEY KNOWINGLY SOLD US A BROKEN GAME.
All the ninroots,Louis letrush clones, say hi.

Ser2427d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Agreed. After listening to Todd Howard say countless times that "both versions will be equal," I gagged a little every time I put Skyrim into my PS3.

What Bethesda did, again to the PS3, is just inexcusable. There are plenty of devs out there that manage just fine while developing for the PS3, so you can't blame the tech. It's your studio's fault, not the system's. Get it right next time, because I'm not buying on launch until I know it works.

And then this timed DLC business? Personally, I've never cared about timed DLC. But the fact that the PS3 users had to put up with so much jank from Bethesda and not receive a small treat is a little frustrating. I hope you're warm in Microsoft's bed Bethesda.

mochachino2426d ago

I blame Sony or more specifically Ken Kutaragi. PS3 came out a year later, all of its multiplats should have looked and ran better not struggle to be equal. Devs should have to spend extra time money to achieve parity.

It was a dumb move making it more complicated to develop for than necessary. The only good thing about it is that Sony learned their lesson.

Ser2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )


Sorry, but as I said in my first post, I blame the devs. There are plenty of bug-free titles on the PS3. If the dev can't adapt to the hardware, admit it and warn people. Don't promise us that your game will run seamlessly when you KNOW good and well that it will not.

(Didn't disagree with you btw)

Trenta272427d ago

Why do so many people wait for the GOTY edition? What's wrong with spending a little money and enjoying a game?

KwietStorm2427d ago

What's wrong with waiting for a better deal? Especially when the Dane studio makes a habit of shafting the same user base?

Dark_Overlord2426d ago

Maybe because all the bugs are usually sorted and you also get all the DLC included, and that's for a cheaper price overall. Why wouldn't I wait?

KontryBoy7062427d ago

Still waiting on the GOTY edition myself... I do wish they wouldn't do this to PS3 fans though sucks they have to wait for the DLC. Haven't they paid enough waiting for patches to fix the game already?

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