Castlevania 2 is ‘conclusion to Lords of Shadow saga’, more details

TVGB: The official website for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has shed just a flicker of light on the just-announced Konami sequel.

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Hovis2428d ago

If it is then that'll be a first for this generation.

A series that isn't a trilogy, what lies?!

Agent Smith2428d ago

If you're facing Alucard, damn right you're gonna die.

LightofDarkness2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

If Dracula kills Simon and Trevor, I call BS. They've both killed the guy at least twice in the original canon (Simon technically killed him again at the end of 2), I think they've proven themselves to be more than a match for him in the eyes of the fans.

Plus, Alucard would utterly ruin him, especially in a "weakened" state.

Also, I think in one of those scans from the magazine reveal they said that Trevor is Gabriel's son. If that's true, wouldn't that mean Trevor IS Alucard? Despite the fact that they were two obviously separate entities in 3?

Yeah, I know, it's a re-spin of the old yarn, but please stop betraying your fans...

Dannycr2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

You have to take into consideration just that, that the original series does not exist in this line of time. So, regardless of how powerful Trevor, Simon, etc are, it might not be the same here.

Now, what you are pointing at about Trevor being Alucard, that's the actual problem I see. In the original series Dracula is Count Vlad Tepes and Alucard was his son Adrien Fahreinheit Tepes. Leon Belmont (from Lament Of Innocence) was from the Belmont clan and did not have any blood relation with Dracula (they were Friends), but now, Dracula is a Belmont, so, where does the Belmont clan comes from? Did Gabriel have children? When? With whom? Didn't his wife or lover die and that was the whole purpose of the Lords Of Shadow game (to revive her). If Gabriel had sons during his vampire stage, then the Belmonts would be Dhampiers (just like Alucard) and not human Vampire Hunters.

LightofDarkness2428d ago

Exactly, it raises some unsettling conundrums and very likely plot-holes. I'm sure the answer to all this is "wait and see", but I don't know if I like the idea of the Belmont clan being half vampire (which wouldn't make sense anyway since Gabe was not vampiric to begin with, only after the events of LOS).

Dannycr2428d ago

Pretty much they will tie up the 3DS game with Trevor with Lords Of Shadow 2. Maybe they will say it is Gabriel's brother, nephew or something like that. They certainly cannot be half vampire because the famous "Vampire Killer" cannot be used by a Vampire. As you said, we are gonna have to wait and see

Dannycr2428d ago

From the article:

"The weakened vampire lord finds himself up against a new threat, and must restore his former power to overcome it. His own castle will play a key role in that quest. Interestingly, it’s suggested that he’ll have to go up against others members of the Belmont clan, who we’ve traditionally played as in a bid to destroy Dracula in Castlevanias past. Quite the reversal, then."

That's what I was wondering about, if you still play as Gabriel or if you play as "Alucard". Looks like you will be playing the "bad guy" which is incredibly interesting to me.

2428d ago
L6RD7BLU32427d ago

is this the guy from the first Lords of Shadow if it is this trailer ruined the ending for me cause Lords of shadow is the next game I'm going to start playing DAMN! LOL