DmC Devil May Cry, Dante Must Die? Think Again…

For a Japanese publisher so intent on cracking the Western market, Capcom sure has a mixed record when it comes to East/West collaborations.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2332d ago

I freaking TOLD you guys it would be good!

According to this article, it plays very well. :)

rezzah2332d ago

There are those who primarily look for what they believe in order to say "I was right".

All matters of opinion. Two individuals with same negative views on the reboot, play the game/demo and one realizes they were wrong the entire time while the other still holds onto their same view.

You didn't tell others that the game would be good, you told yourself.

I for one enjoy the story over gameplay, yet that does not mean gameplay is not important as it is the sole reason for making the play-through fun. Thus, even if gameplay is fun, the story is obliterated; meaning no connections except for a few names.

MySwordIsHeavenly2332d ago

I told everyone...especially everyone on N4G...that it would be good.

The story will be great. It's Ninja Theory. They KNOW how to tell a story. I'm not sure anyone would deny that.

I DID tell others the game would be good. What the FRICK makes you think I never told anyone it would be good? That's the dumbest response I've ever received.

sonic9892332d ago

who cares if you told people or not still the game has a lot to prove and its only one site who said the game is playable ( i think capcom paid them lol) anyway we are not blind i saw the trailer the game is awful
also for me at least the game must have great gameplay great story great character design the game must be likable i cant explain it but that kind of game for me at isnt likable it seems generic and nothing more sorry to say all that but thats the truth

fei-hung2332d ago

According to sll who are not blind it is still dlow and doesnt look, play and feel like what it is meant to be - Devil May Cry.

Not saying its bad, as I will buy it at some stage (2nd hand once discounted) since it looks like a good game, but i just wanted a Devil May Cry game and this aint it.

Its like one of those expensive designer knock off watches that you can buy: they look good, work good and have the same branding, but they just dont feel right and those eho know their shit know its fake when they see it.

Currently sm playing DMC HD Collection and I am watching gsmeplay vids of the bastardised new DMC and as much as they have tried, it seems the speed aint up to par nor is the fluidity. This will affect timed button presses which spark of different combos where a few frames make all the difference.

Looking at MGS, this game holds up even less as the graphics dont match up and some how (and this is where you can see why the creator of DMC is a legend compared to those liars are NT), he has thrown in awesome graphics better than the new DMC, thrown in set pieces and moving environments and still kept it at 60fps.

Just shows that Crapcom snd NT can spend all the time and money in the world marketing and lying and forching shit down peoples mouths, but ehen 2 of the industries greates come together (the 2 Hideos), in less time than given to NT, they can still put together a better looking game with a better combat engine.

rezzah2332d ago

Never did the thought of you not telling others that the game would be good cross my mind, as you already stated it in your first comment.

What did come to mind is your optimistic outlook for the game is not a means of convincing others that the game would be good, it was the act of convincing yourself.

You already have the reasoning that because the developer is Ninja theory the story is already 10/10.

And (refer to first line in my first comment) you now have someone else's opinion that goes along with your hope (you had doubts) for good gameplay.

Therefore you celebrate in joy with your very first line "I freaking TOLD you guys it would be good!", based on the author's opinion.

Baka-akaB2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

"I freaking TOLD you guys it would be good! "

And when has it been proved to be true ? Because of a few positive articles ? The game only had positive articles , negative opinion from the press have been inexistant when it comes to Ninja theory .

I still say it's not good enough and not a good dmc title .

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CarlosX3602332d ago

It's not just button response, it's the overall freedom of combo. That's what made DMC universally loved. The fact that they got combos RIGHT - in 3D.

I wish Ninja Theory played DMC3 for themselves and see why it's such a landmark title.

MySwordIsHeavenly2332d ago

I assure you everyone on that team has played DMC3. Most of them are huge fans of the franchise, which is something they've said multiple times in interviews...

I swear I'm the ONLY person who actually read/watches anything on this game.

Redempteur2331d ago

you're trying too hard ..and you're over hyping it so much ..that you'll be disapointed ..heck you couldn't even come back here without lying because you had over hypped this turd for so long ..

At this pint it's painfully obvious who is a blunt believer and who are expression their real opinions about Dmc

MySwordIsHeavenly2331d ago

I'm not over hyping it. I think it will be a good game. The best game? Probably not. I'm sure it will be good though. It's a good studio and it's a great franchise. I just think you guys are blindly throwing it away, like you do almost everything else. :/