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Ahasverus2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

OMFG Alucard!

The_Devil_Hunter2423d ago

Unbelievable. Hopefully the gameplay has been tighten up just a bit.

Spenok2423d ago

OMFG indeed.

For a second there I thought you were just pulling my leg, especially when the trailer seemed over. Then BAM!



OmegaSlayer2423d ago


xtheownerzx2423d ago

when i saw that sword and hair at the end my wallet ran away from me. LOS 2 instant buy

Rainstorm812423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I haven't finished LoS 1 yet but this trailer has got me excited, even though its CG, Can't wait. I wonder if u play as Gabriel or Alucard.....I love this time of year its Gamers Christmas

izumo_lee2423d ago

Oh Alucard would kick Gabriels wannabe @$$. So i wonder if this will have 2 types of gameplay. One as Alucard and the other as Gabriel.

For me LOS was kinda of a letdown, not saying it was a bad game but underwhelming for a Castlevania game. Hopefully the sequel will up the ante much more.

JTX1232423d ago

but isn't Gabriel Alucard's dad?

izumo_lee2423d ago

there is no solid indication on whether Gabriel is Alucards dad. However judging by this trailer we may finally get the answer to that question.

Ahasverus2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Actually, if you look closely that Alucard looks EXACTLY like Trevor Belmont in Mirror of Fate, only white haired, so there's the possibility that Trevor (confirmed Gabriel's son while human) becomes Alucard.

JTX1232423d ago

but gabriel refers to himself as Dracul which was the surname of Vlad the impaler. i thought that meant he's Dracula

izumo_lee2423d ago

That probably is true & this game will expand on Dracula's origins.

Still i am an Alucard fan cause of my love for SOTN. Gabriel is cool but for me Alucard is the MAN.

rdgneoz32423d ago

I enjoyed the game, just hated the camera half the time for hiding mobs off the screen that would bull rush me before I even noticed.

Uncharted2Vet2423d ago

............son of a bitch

dudes i swear im gonna be flat broke buying all these games gahhhhhhh

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The story is too old to be commented.