X-Pac Announces That He Is In WWE ’13

The former member of D-Generation X announced on Twitter that he will be in WWE ’13.

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mafiahajeri2383d ago

Ahh good old memories of old wrestlers. I remember when the 1 2 3 kid and Razor Ramone were tag team partners that was epic. Nowadays they all look the same to me...

Kyosuke_Sanada2383d ago

Never forgot the infamous scene where he took his money and escaped in the limousine......

Deadpool6162383d ago

Need I mention the X-Pac Tori Christmas Story? I just remember a majority of that story being censored when it aired.

Deadpool6162383d ago


[X-Pac Heat Joke]

iXenon2383d ago

I was never a big fan of X-Pac, but I loved it when he first stepped onto the scene as 123 Pac

2pacalypsenow2383d ago

is it gonna feature chyna too ;-b

SaffronCurse2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

ahh man, fun times growing up during the attitude era. It was truly something special.

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