The Wii U is ready to steal E3

E3 is nigh upon us and the real unveiling of Nintendo's Wii U is locked and loaded, and ready to steal the show. Nintendo is in a unique position; a position it has never faced, combatting the innovation of Apple and it's portable, instantaneous, gaming on the go as well as trying to lure a die hard legion of gamers who came into gaming through the form of Xbox 360 and it's Xbox Live, online-gaming, community. For years Nintendo has been at the forefront of pushing innovation while other video gaming companies have tried to duplicate the Big N's success rather than pushing the gaming industry forward. But the reality of the situation is this... the other hardware/software companies have done a superb job challenging Nintendo and if you were to rank the biggest innovations to hit video gaming in the last 8 years; most gamers would rank the innovations in this order.

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Batzi2383d ago

Can't wait to see the new Mario!

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MariaHelFutura2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Yeah, me too. I just want to see some things that are gonna convince me to buy it right away vs later on down the road. Regardless I'll buy it, I love gaming. I'm kinda weird like that.....


MariaHelFutura2382d ago

Also, I want to know the price of the extra controller.

darthv722382d ago

as I am the controller. I would really like it if it is revealed to have either its own internal storage or SD card support.

That way it could be used away from the main unit for playing wiiware games or vc games or used for apps like a regular tablet.

RedDead2383d ago

Super Smash Bro's > Sony's rip off

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Machioto2382d ago

There is a game call the outfoxied that did everything ssb did and pre dates it bu like 2 years.

dark-hollow2382d ago


i tried spelling it in different ways but i cant seem to find a result about this "game" besides some shitty ipad game.

Ben_Grimm2382d ago

Its a Namco game I believe its called The Outfoxies.

ape0072382d ago

@RedDead, can't believe how many dislikes u got, are these people blind? anyway i cannot wait for Nintendo E3 conference, super smash bros wiiu, how cool is that

fatstarr2382d ago

yes Sony fans are blind when you bring up that game.

its a word for word clone

Fez2381d ago

Not sure we've seen enough yet to fully say the SSB world is better. The characters in All Stars seem pretty good (including fat princess even though she's a strange choice) and the stages seem alright (Patapon/GOW stage for example).

I think if the next confirmed characters for all stars was Cole, Drake, maybe ninja Raiden with some more inventive stages I'd say the all stars world would just edge it.
But if they don't make stage knockouts it will probably all be in vain since it would lose a lot of the fun factor it could have.

vickers5002381d ago

It's the fact that out of nowhere, he just posted that, implying negative connotations. So what if it's a clone (rip off makes it sound cheap and crappy, which we don't know if it will be or not yet)?

If it does everything super smash brothers does except with Sony characters, then it will be an amazing game. Every game is a "rip off" or a clone of something else, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Super smash brothers was as well.

Fez2382d ago

If PS All Stars final build doesn't allow deaths by falling off the stage then I agree. If it does, I'll probably prefer Sony's rip off.

ape0072382d ago

with due due respect the sony world(in that game) doesn't hold a candle to nintendo's world

for we are many2382d ago

It's sad how this site has become a haven for blind sony fanboys.

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CoolBeansRus2382d ago

I can't wait to see the wii U! I would like to see what they have come up with and what kind of games they have lined up. Nintendo, you just never know.

DivineAssault 2382d ago

Wii U for a year until PS4>PS3>Vita
Wii U is a beast for now but PlayStation rules!

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pecorre2382d ago

Am I the only one not understanding the hype around the Wii U. I have absolutely no interest in the tablet controller. Also, I don't want to buy a new console only to play the game I already play on my PS3 or PC.

dirthurts2382d ago

Yeah I'm a bit bewildered as well.
The thing that really concerns me is I haven't saw ANY gameplay of any game yet.
If I'm buying a new console, I want some horsepower.
If I want a tablet, android has me covered there.

ChickeyCantor2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"The thing that really concerns me is I haven't saw ANY gameplay of any game yet. "

Then you missed Ubisofts conference last E3.

Also the whole point of this E3 is to show gameplay.
It's like people are failing to understand that this E3 is the only E3 we will actually learn more than just a brief introduction.

"If I want a tablet, android has me covered there."
Why do people insist on comparing it to android/iphone? The TV+Tablet combo does a lot more for games than your android phone. Not to mention it has actual buttons.

It's more of a DS setup than anything else.

It's like some people lack the ability to come up with their own ideas of how the controller can work for games. So instead you have people who "don't" see the point.

dirthurts2382d ago

What actual gameplay did Ubisoft show?

CaptainN2382d ago

Ubisoft actually showed Ghost Recon Online and Killer Freaks from Outer Space during their E3 2011 conference. Go on Youtube and look it up, its about an hour long!

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