Activision Finally Reaches Settlement With West, Zampella

If you've been following the soap opera that is the Activision lawsuit, you may be happy to know that the end is finally in sight. A settlement has been reached, and news aficionado Williams Pelegrin has the details at

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Patriots_Pride2331d ago

The article states that West and Zampella settled for a copy of Black Ops 2 prestige edition and 1200 MS points...sweet


joab7772331d ago

I hate that its confidential. They had a clause saying that no CoD could be made post vietnam. I hope they get a percentage of every game made from mw2 going forward. They got so screwed. I wouldnt have settled if i could afford it but i know it was costing a fortune and was a huge distraction. I wanted it to go to court so everyone could see activision for who they really are. Heres to hoping Respawn gets to develop the game they always wanted to...and that its great. But i will never forgive them for creating MW in the first place, lol.

showtimefolks2331d ago

i think they got paid big time, the leaked emails that many gaming sites reported are all over the internet and you can see clearly that activision wanted to fire these guys for no reason and a jury was gonna see right through that

so i am guessing besides these 2 there were another 40 IW members who were part of this filing so my guess is million plus since activision has said they set aisde 1 billion for the case so for these guys to accept activisions settlement the offer would have had to be huge

maybe they get bonuses for all the game they made which are still selling or maybe even future MW games

because activision is a public company i think these figures will come out sooner or later also let's not forget activision filed a case against EA which was also settled out of court so a lot of unknowns

rdgneoz32331d ago

They settled a week or 2 ago with the other IW members so they could focus on west and zampella.

SKUD2331d ago

Activision had no leg to stand on. Must of hurt real bad cutting that check. I Wouldn't be surprised is we saw two call of duty titles in one year span to recoup the settlement cost. Hopefully one day the details will be leaked.

glennco2331d ago

CoD is not a yearly release like EA sports games. it is released ASAP and the first day sales of any CoD game would obliterate the payment given to these guys. this is why EA and activision are evil, they can afford to be

SephirothX212331d ago

Get wikileaks on this right now motherf*ckers!

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