PSP Vita = eBook

PSP Vita rumored to have ebook features check it out.

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Tired2331d ago

I hope the comics bit is true. I started downloading a load about a month before Sony announced they were closing the store for the PSP. Was gutted!

tnt02612331d ago

I agree had tons of comics

EcoSos32331d ago

Not to sound like a troll but Nintendo just got trash for having this on the WiiU and now people are going to praise the Vita for having it.

Tired2331d ago

Really? First I've heard of it. Any chance you could post a link please?

Point is for me, it was something that I had used on the psp. If the same viewing software were to be released for the vita, I would be able to continue reading the digital comics I have already purchased. This would make ME happy. I'm very selfish... I want to be able to use the stuff I've paid for. I wasn't expecting Sony to pull the comic store. Had I known I wouldn't have bought ANY.

Others people may baulk at the idea, Don't care. I would be happy to amass a better collection.

Nintendo is a platform I haven't used in over 18 years since I had a monochrome dot matrix gameboy. They do what they do well, but my interests lay elsewhere. If they want to bring books or comics to their platform good on them. Why should they limit themselves to one medium? Wasn't the DS used by many adults as a sort of kindle?

The more I think about it...why would people not like this idea? What do they have against words and/or pictures?

EcoSos32331d ago
You should also check more WiiU news a lot just hating on it just because is Nintendo.

Tired2331d ago

I think it looks alright. The controller/tablet is a lot smaller than I'd first thought...not as bulky or awkward as I'd pictured.

Quite keen to see how they develop for it.

gaffyh2330d ago

@EcoSos - That's just a load of fanboys trolling each other.

Nintendo fanboys seem to think that Nintendo can do no wrong, and when they are called on something, the fanboys go crazy and start claiming that Nintendo invented everything gaming.

On the other side, the fanboys just want to get a reaction out of the Nintendo fanboys, and it works because all fanboys are idiots and stupid. It doesn't matter what was announced, just that the other gaming company announced it.

On topic - This ebooks thing was rumoured a while ago and it would make sense seen as the Vita is very similar to a smartphone and tablet in terms of functionality. Whatever they offer which is similar, will be beneficial for them.

Wyvern2330d ago

It is PS Vita, not PSP Vita. Just saying.

r212330d ago

dont waste your clicks, here you go:

There new are rumors around the PSP Vita and they are fairly interesting, It is the merger of the PSP Vita and an eBook. The service will be called "Storyteller" and will allow you to download books and comics through the PSN. Our speculation is that it will have its own little section like games and videos.

why are articles so short approved?

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