E3 2012 rumors, gossip and hoaxes

Neoseeker's Rory Young: "Our collection of all the biggest E3 rumors, from the legitimate to the ridiculous."

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brew2335d ago

How about Syphon Filter (PS3) by Sony London ?

manitobawpg2334d ago

What time does this start? I will have access to a PC on the 4th and would like to watch this.

KeybladeMaster2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

You can't call a rumor dead unless the publisher says its fake which Square has not done with the Versus XIII/XV rumor.

I am bookmarking this page so IF AND WHEN Square announces Final Fantasy Versus XIII/XV I can tell these guys that they were dead wrong and laugh.

DivineAssault 2334d ago

Everything is a rumor til monday..