Don King Presents: Prizefighter - 13 New Screens

Don King Presents: Prizefighter is a documentary-style boxing game under development at Venom Games, known for Rocky: Legends, featuring a documentary-style narrative career mode, training, and will require you to also manage personal relationships outside of the ring.

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prowiew4663d ago

Are those ps2 screens?

ban fans4663d ago

but I wouldn't give any money to anything endorsed by Don King!

ericnellie4663d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth. I don't trust anything that Don King endorses. He's always been about making a quick buck...sad but true. Plus, his hair just bugs me =)

ElfShotTheFood4663d ago

Probably from the Wii version, so close enough. ;)

Maddens Raiders4663d ago

hate a game because of a man trying to make an honest "buck" and because of Geez no wonder we had slavery and raciscm is so thick in this freakin country. Talk about being sensitive. So I guess you guys don't go to Wal-Mart either because the Walton kids certainly aren't out to make a buck right? Right.

On topic

This game looks like hell. Keep working on it guys it may shine one day; however, from these pics that day may be some time away.

ban fans4663d ago

This has nothing to do with the man's race. I don't like him because he takes advantage of the fighters he represents. I used to be a huge Mike Tyson fan before the final screw in his head came loose. I respect anyone who can build themselves into an empire, but Don King uses people and stands on the shoulders of great men to pump himself up.

And the hair thing was a joke, just like every comedian has slammed him for that. Even Don King knows his hair is the butt of everyone's jokes!

ericnellie4663d ago

8 - Honest Buck???
You're kidding right? If you know anything about or read anything about Don King, you'd know he's a very savage business man who focuses only on his profit margins. Take the time and read about how he completely ruined Mike's a sad affair. He was notorious for basically pimping out boxers for a quick profit.

- Oh and your comment about slavery...just because I don't like a person's hair style doesn't make me a racist. His hair style is one of a kind for a reason =)

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titntin4663d ago

Hmmm - can't stand Don King.
But I am a sucker for boxing titles.... must resist...

I don't think E.A. are going to lose any sleep over the quality of the graphics engine - it does look a bit last gen..

Brian52474663d ago

This doesn't even touch Fight Night.

poos34663d ago

great game i will endorse anything don king does

ygxbrayzie4663d ago

dunno bout you guys but fight night is way beyond that visually
and plus is a fist gen game

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