PES Wii release date confirmed

Via CVG:

"Konami has confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be arriving on the Wii in March, 2008.

So far, the main focus of PES 2008 on Wii has been on the baffling controls and whether or not they can possibly work.

Now though, more info has been given that could divide opinions further. According to Konami, "The Wii game mirrors the real sport's use of open space and the exploitation of defensive lapses and accurate passes essential in creating scoring opportunities". Whatever the hell that means, we don't know."

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Eretik4662d ago

We are waiting for good wiimote enabled sport sim...

Sulphur Man4662d ago

Considering how little effort Konami put into the 'next gen' PES2008 and the hopeless PS3 patch that didn't fix anything whatsoever, they need to restore some customer faith with this one. Hopefully they're aware that they're bringing the world's most revered sports sim to the best-selling console......

Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution was great on Gamecube, so this should hopefully build on that.

Quirky controls or not, if it plays ok through WiiConnect I'll buy a copy. PES online was great, until PES2008 killed all the fun.

I wonder if there's an option to use a GC controller instead?

kspraydad4662d ago


No. Seriously. PASS THE BALL.

Monteblanco4662d ago

Nope. The kind of controls they are designing are impossible with the PSP and they are the main difference between the Wii version and the others. Personally, I have great hopes this will be a worthy game.

wiizy4662d ago

cant wait to play this game