E3 2012: Sony Conference Predictions

GamingUnion: "Gaming's largest annual gathering of industry tastemakers, intelligentsia and... well, booth babes promoting obscure energy drinks, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is almost here! The big show always comes with the promise of surprise announcements and shock reveals from 'The Big Three' console makers and largest third-party publishers, and this year is shaping up to be no exception. We'll be taking a look at what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to kick-off our pre-E3 coverage. We've already covered Microsoft, so next up it's Sony and their PlayStation brand!"

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versusALL3945d ago

My most highly anticipated announcement is PlayStation 5. Whats that, PlayStation 4 hasn't come out yet. PlayStation 5 will be so mind-bending, so legendary, so bad-ass that it'll skip PlayStation 4.

Can't wait for PS5.

fozzness3945d ago

This is the best comment I've seen all day. :P

MadMen3945d ago

Your not too smart we all know PS10 is where its at

Dont be late to the party!

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fei-hung3945d ago

Disagrees above lack sense of humour upgrade. My prayers go out to them!

C'mon Sony, give us a ps3 slim and show us some proper synergy between your products!!!

portal_23945d ago

It was an interesting read until I got to the bit where they spelt Kaz Hirai as Kaz Kirai.